types of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most growing marketing way of the current generation. Digital marketing has become a regular source of marketing in this advanced world. The best thing is that you can do your marketing by sitting at any place in the world. Digital marketing gives you remote access to many things which were previously not there in traditional marketing. Digital marketing has saved many times and valuable resources such as money and human labor. Once for physically doing marketing, one has to print big hoardings for the billboards, and it was a misuse of freedom and humanistic work. In the current generation, you don’t have to publish giant posters promoting the business. You can reach many customers by sitting by yourself. There is an excellent chance that digital marketing often attracts foreign customers also. 

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There are seven types of digital marketing, so let’s briefly look at all 7 of them. 

1. SEO

SEO is commonly known as search engine optimization. The main job of SEO is to set the business rank to a higher level in the Google search results. Once your site has gained the position in the Google search, more traffic will attract the business website. Once your website has earned rank in the Google search engine, you can grow your business more, and you can take the customers to feedback that what they want the more from you. You have to care about the one thing is giving the correct information to the customers they were looking for growth. 

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2. PPC

PPC is very popularly known as Pay-per-click. You have seen some of the ads popping up once you have entered some of the websites. You have seen the ads before playing some of the videos on YouTube. Once you have stopped paying the advertiser, your ad will not pop up on any search engines. If you want people to see your ad regularly, you have to pay the advertisers regularly. 

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3. Social Media Marketing

In this method, you have to promote your business on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. in this marketing method; your business products will come in the users’ feed. You have to check the stats of your posts through which you will get to know whether your business is giving a good impression on the viewers or a wrong impression. 

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4. Content marketing

This sector is very much linked with SEO. In SEO, if you haven’t provided the best information about the products, then your business will not grow, and the customers will not visit your website. If you have provided all kinds of the necessary information that a theatre needed, they will prefer your website. Content needs to be very much précised and must be correct as per the requirement of the customers.

5. Email marketing

Even if you have social media and all but email marketing is the most praiseworthy method to advertise your merchandise among all customers. Email marketing leaves a good impression on the customers as compared to other sources of digital marketing. If you promote your business through emails, it will look more professional than other heads of marketing. You can check the stats of your sent mail by some email software and get to know what the customer’s impression is. 

6. Mobile marketing

It is the best way to do marketing. In this method, you have to send text messages or call the customers interested in the products. By using this method, you have a great chance to get more and more customers in a short amount of time. By including an SMS broadcast service, you can let your customers know about special offers and new product launches on a larger scale.


Digital marketing certification course has grown significantly in the current generation, which has attracted tons of customers. The above are the different types of digital marketing that you will find. It will improve the plans and regulations that can help in spacing the odds. Experts have predicted that every single business will turn towards online retailing forms and digital platforms. Thus, the digital marketing realm will become the backbone of most firms shortly.


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