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If coupon codes are not part of your marketing strategy, it’s time you gave them serious consideration. Do you know that a recent market survey found that 69% of brand loyal shoppers would switch brands if they received discounts from other brands on their mobile devices? Another 80% of shoppers reported that a coupon could influence them to purchase a brand they otherwise wouldn’t buy. 

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Coupons heavily influence consumer decisions on the items they purchase. If you don’t have coupons and your competitors do, you might end up losing your customers. Every marketing manager knows that brand loyalty is all about consumer psychology, which can change at any time. 

Do you know that consumers can choose to pay more for a discounted item than pay less elsewhere for the same item if not discounted? It all comes down to how the human brain works and nothing to do with logic. People always want to feel that they are getting more than they are paying for. 

For the best deals, head to vouchertoday. But first, you need to understand the best practices for using voucher codes. 

Coupon Code Best Practices 

If you have to integrate vouchers into your e-commerce store, you need to adhere to certain best practices. 

  1. Let Customers Know About Your coupon code practices

Customers need to know the terms and conditions of the promotion. You can put a small symbol with a link for more information regarding the promotion. Make it short, clear, and transparent. 

  1. Use Alternate Terminology

You need to develop an approach that does not seem pushy or too targeting. If promo code pops up every time a shopper visits your site, they may feel too targeted. You can be a bit vague so that only shoppers with interest can pick up the information. 

  1. Personalize Voucher Codes

Only give voucher codes to shoppers that meet certain specifications. This way, you can reward specific customers without alienating others. The best way to implement this is through a promotion code that pops up on the shopping window.   

Design the pop up in such a way that it only displays when a shopper meets specific requirements. Alternatively, the voucher code can only display to those who reach your page through affiliate links. 

When and Where to Use Voucher Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to promote products, but it requires an excellent strategy to work. Otherwise, you might put your business at risk. Also, they don’t work for all products and every customer. Knowing when and where to offer them can make a difference for your business. 

Here are some conditions under which you should use voucher codes: 

  1. Rewarding New Customers

When you enter the e-commerce world, you realize that you are surrounded by competition. Hundreds of other stores are selling similar products/services. For potential customers to notice your business in such a crowded space can be a challenge. 

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Voucher codes can help you announce your presence and even foster consumer retention. You can offer discounts, specifically for new customers. If they make a purchase, they get a certain amount of discount through a voucher code. Who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Appreciating loyal Customers

Do you want to create brand loyalty? One way to ensure this is by rewarding your loyal customers. Coupons help you tap into the customers’ psychology to build loyalty. 

Brand loyal customers are the most difficult to attract because their attachment is to the product rather than the price. But once you’ve such customers, just showing them that you appreciate their loyalty will go a long way. 

If you have an effective coupon strategy, you can boost your brand loyalty. Giving coupons to loyal customers can have a positive impact on your brand. Even loyal customers want to feel appreciated. If you give them personalized coupons on their special days, such as birthdays or anniversaries, the impact will be unmeasurable. 

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  1. Clearing Slow-moving or Outdated Stock

Managing outdated stock can be a nightmare. It’s not just about storage space, but it also occupies your mind with worry. If you have products that are not moving on your digital shelf, the best way to incentivize customers to buy them is by slapping a discount on them. 

Instead of worrying, why not give strategic discounts to your customers? You may have to sacrifice a percentage of your profits, but you will speed up sales and clear your inventory. You can give discounts with a countdown timer or discount higher quantity purchases.  

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  1. Increase Conversion Rates

Lagging conversion rates can be a headache. But what can you do when customer interest is low and sales are not moving? In times of low customer engagement, you can use voucher codes to salvage the situation. 

Final Thought!

Exercise caution! Market research shows that consumers want to pay less for more. But you should be careful with running voucher codes and coupons. If you offer them too frequently, it may send a negative message in the customers’ mind. Customers may doubt the quality of the product. 


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