Your plumbing is an integral component of your home. But, like any system, there comes a time when things need to be mended, upgraded, or replaced. The reason could be a problem with the present system or any renovation project that needs you to change many components. 

However, when you begin with the plumbing upgrade, the following are some key tips that you must keep in mind- 

  1. Hire a skilled plumber – Even if you do most of the plumbing on your own, it is prudent to hire a qualified and skilled plumber when it comes to an upgrade. You should know and trust your plumber when it comes to the well-being of your home. In addition, knowing a plumber well means you will get guidance and advice on how to maintain the system after the upgrade is over. 
  1. Check the size of the pipes – If you are struggling with a slow system of the shower, you should take a look at your system. For example, there might be a pressure regulator set low, which prevents you from having an enjoyable flow of water when you take a shower. Here, you might need to install a good water pump to increase the flow of the water. Likewise, check the outdoor faucet of your home and ensure you have a good outdoor faucet cover for its protection. 

Plumbers often say one of the biggest issues is the pipes are just too narrow, which hampers the flow without the increase of pressure. If this is an issue, you should check the pressure drop or the water temperature when the faucet is on to resolve the issue. 

The only way for you to solve the problem is by upgrading the system. But, first, you should choose a larger system in size so that the performance of your shower can be improved. 

When you are coping with a reduced flow, you must consider bathroom remodeling & appliances that give you the reduced flow. You will be surprised by the amount of water you can save every year. 

  1. Replace your water heater – Standard water heaters use tanks. This water is heated in this tank, and it turns on and switches off to maintain this temperature. However, when water sits on the pipes, it cools. This means you need to run the water for some time before you get hot water. 

You can also replace the water heater with a system without a tank that uses much less energy. This alternative helps you get a water heater with a circulation pump to switch on when needed. This moves the water in a specific loop through the plumping system and back to your tank. The result means you get instant hot water immediately, which helps you save time and money. 

Therefore, in this way, with the help of a skilled plumber, you can upgrade your existing system with success. Choose a good plumber to help you and follow his instructions regarding its subsequent maintenance and care. 


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