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Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s the realization that some fashion statements that were popular at the beginning of this century need a revival. It’s no lie that Y2K fashion trends are making a comeback in the year 2022. Some may be excited about it, and others might despise the whole throwback.

Crochet shirts, platform shoes, goofy jewelry, and huge, floppy bucket hats are just a few of the items that were trendy from this era. With that being said, let’s take a look at which trendy items from the early 2000s are making a comeback this year. 

Chain belts

Yes, these belts may be impractical, but they are aesthetically pleasing and jingle when you move. This way not only will you look good, but you’ll also make others notice you by the jingle. Chain belts can be combined with every outfit. No matter if you have a goth style with cult clothing or a chic one, they will definitely make your outfit stand out.

You can also wear them above your jeans or skirt as a belly chain. Adding matching jewelry to your outfit while you’re wearing a chain belt will easily make you stand out. Remember that overaccessorizing is also a trend, so there is no such thing as too many necklaces or rings. Wear as many necklaces as you’d like as long as you match them.

Low rise pants

There’s really no disputing that the trend’s impending return might be stressful for millennials; the early dot com era, with their tummy jeans and other self-conscious styles, reinforced body shaming and a beauty ideal of only slim bodies. Although Millenials might get triggered by this design, it’s true that a big part of Y2K style is definitely making a huge comeback.

The low-rise jeans, on the other hand, appear to be on their way back, with a more body-inclusive perspective. Low-slung jeans are no longer reserved for a select handful, and the style is as simplistic and baggy as it is low-waisted. If you feel ready to give these jeans a second chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Big jackets

No matter, if it’s an oversized blazer, a fur coat, or a leather jacket, 2022’s fall and winter season will be all about big, chunky jackets. This fashion trend is great for those that like to incorporate short summer dresses and skirts in their winter outfits. You can wear whatever you like underneath and the oversized chunky jacket will keep you warm.

This type of jacket can be combined with everything you’ve got on your mind. No matter if you wear it with wide-leg jeans, a small crop top, and a bucket hat or with a small mini dress, it will surely make you look like a 2000s icon. Adding jewelry under your jacket will turn heads once you take it off.

Platform shoes

Chunky platform boots or tall creepers, these big shoes are coming back in full swing. It’s only January and we’re seeing them everywhere. These shoes can be worn every season throughout the year.

The big platform boots are one of the chicest footwear for more than one reason. They can be easily added to any outfit. Regardless of how you like to style them, they are a great companion for every occasion. Wear them with your favorite mini skirt, that’s also making a comeback, or with fishnets and shorts under your oversized winter jacket.


Last but not least, the miniskirt. We can all agree that we kinda missed this trend. This short skirt is not only a piece of clothing but a fashion statement. It represents boldness and confidence for everyone that wears it. It can be worn with a goth outfit, a club outfit, and everything in between.

It’s easily included in tons of outfits and styled with almost everything. You can wear it every season with season-appropriate outwear. Wearing it in the winter could require tights underneath or a chunky jacket to keep you warm. You can combine it with turtlenecks or with strap tops for the hot summer days.

Final thoughts

Wouldn’t you like to travel through time and bring back something with you? The trendy and innovative style of the late 1990s and early 2000s is making a comeback. This unique look is a mix of modern media and technological breakthroughs from the 21st century.

There are more than enough nostalgic elements present today, dating back to the Y2K glitch in 1999. You’re in luck if you’ve been longing for the fashion that was popular twenty years ago. The style is back and is ready to capture our fashion sense once more.


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