Email encryption

In this new day and age of business, meetings are getting replaced by emails and quick messages to run the business processes. The shift to this modern communication mode has become more common following the COVID-9 pandemic and the enforced self-isolation protocols. However, the mode might aid faster communication, but it is vulnerable as well. Here we would be discussing brefily about email encryption and installing third party security features.

Keep in mind that there are various risks of online communication. These include hacks and phishing attacks for exposing personal information and unauthorized access to company files and top-secret documents. It is also vital to understand that the traditional modes and security levels, including the in-built firewall systems, are a thing of the past since hackers are becoming more creative than ever.

This is why you need a secured third-party encryption service for your emails and official communication channels like Trustifi

Email encryption

If this is the first time you hear about email encryption, you need to understand that it is disguising email messages and contents along with all the sensitive information. The HR department, business owners, and the workforce will get the encryption key.  So, why should every firm go for email encryption? Let us have a look.

Protection of information

Office emails usually contain a lot of sensitive information that is “eyes-only.” It is quite common for the workforce and clients to continue communication while being located in different parts of the world. Encryption allows for complete and comprehensive email content and message protection. 

Compliance act

A standard encryption service is a grade-A practice in any industrial sector. A mandated policy requires every service/firm to be equipped with data protection and encryption service to deter information hack and theft of intellectual property. As a business owner, you need to put in procedures to protect the employee and client data. You can run the risk of getting sued if you continue to operate with email encryption. 

Protection against security breaches

Comprised email services open the door to various scenarios. Keep in mind that hackers can use the information to falsely accuse the service, act on behalf of the firm, claim ransom, and even continue extortion. The only way to protect against security breaches is by employing a third-party email encryption service. 

Authentic branding of your firm

Phishing is a significant problem in this day and age, and this involves posing as the entity to deceive customers and clients into divulging personal information. You can avoid this through email encryption services as clients can verify the mail’s sender if it is a suspected phish attack. 

How does encryption work?

To keep up with the growing demands of security, you need encryption. You can hire an expert IT administrator well versed in a network and IT solutions protection or work with a third-party email and communication encryption firm. You will have to pay the premium fees for the top-quality, year-round service. But it is the best option when you are looking to keep all your official documents, client information, and user-data safe and confidential. 


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