Prague 4 travel things to do

You will always find Prague among the top European city breaks. But why is that? The city is known to possess some fun attractions. There is exciting stuff to do in Prague all year. We have covered 4 most awesome things to do in Prague and that’s what it is well know for.

Rich in culture and history, Prague is gothic and beautiful in equal measure. It’s a city also known for big parties! As an eclectic city, the streets of Prague are fun for history enthusiasts and culture lovers. You would love the eclectic mix.

4 Fun Things to Do in Prague

What are interesting things the city of Prague is known for? Below are four of them.

Take a walk to the Charles Bridge 

There are several bridges in Prague that cross the Vltava River. However, the most famous among them all is the iconic Charles Bridge. As a reputable historic structure, the Charles Bridge will come first among the most appealing images you want to see regarding the city. 

It features up to thirty statues within and is made from Bohemian sandstone. The Charles Bridge was fully erected in 1402. It remains the most visited attraction in Prague.

Every day, different individuals and personalities gather on the bridge, including hundreds of tourists, musicians, artists, and street vendors. The goal is to soak up the energetic atmosphere while they wander across the venue.

Beer across the city

The Czech Republic remains the leading country in beer consumption per capita. Therefore, it is unsurprising that savouring a more significant Prague is essential to daily life. There are a lot of ways to savour beer in Prague. You may also enjoy it in a spa, where you bathe in beer while drinking your beer. 

A visit to the Prague Castle 

Your trip to Europe would be incomplete if you didn’t explore at least one castle. 

The Prague Castle, nonetheless, is a piece that stands out from every other castle. Here is a frank fact, the castle is so unique that most foreign tourists can’t take their eyes off the structure. The castle always one of the most memorable things to do in Prague.

Prague Castle has been the home of Bohemian lords and later Czech presidents for more than ten centuries. You may think this castle is a mere grand palace with gigantic towers and rooms. Prague Castle is a complex of buildings. They are simply impressive.

Vltava river cruise

A journey along the Vltava waterway in Prague is one of the most outstanding ways of seeing the city. You don’t want to miss any of its superb sights. 

It is the longest stream in the Czech Republic, and the banks through the capital city are fixed with stunning Gothic design, associated with lavish stone scaffolds. While you tour this destination, ensure your phone has enough battery. You will find loads of stunning scenes to capture with your camera!


In any season, Prague is always bubbling. The city is home to both classic and modern entertainment. Don’t forget to enjoy a walk across the Charles Bridge. Finally, get a popular online Prague travel guide to learn more their amazing attractions.


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