yard sign

Customized yard signs are very popular promotional tools. They are perfect for every business, especially small businesses with a low marketing budget. You can choose attractive yard signs even if your business runs on a small budget. They are simple, affordable, weather-resistant, and extremely versatile. In short words, yard signs are one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. 

As per a report, outdoor marketing signs boost the visibility of a company by 40%. Even though digital marketing methods dominate the advertisement platforms, yard signs are very effective to increase the revenue as well as promotion of your products or services. Apart from that, yard signs are also effective for political awareness campaigns. 

However, some companies still make some huge mistakes with their yard signs. They either neglect the importance of design or try to minimize their expenses. This is why many businesses fail to utilize the benefits of yard signs. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 yard sign mistakes that you need to avoid. 

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Your Color Choice is Poor

This is one of the most common mistakes and it can be made in different ways. Maybe you have a particular color combination in your mind, but it lacks contrast and you end up creating a dull yard sign. Remember that yard signs with poor color contrast cannot be read from a distance. 

Or maybe you focus too much on the visibility of the yard signs that you use high-contrast and aggressive colors. These will also ruin the appearance. 

If you want to apply appropriate colors to your yard signs, make sure you pair them with both cool and warm colors. 

Your Sign is Very Illegible

Legibility is another important aspect of yard signs and several factors can negatively affect the legibility of your yard signs. Hence, you need to prioritize the legibility of your yard signs so that your investment and efforts don’t go in vain. 

Uneven Spacing

Just like poor legibility and color choice, uneven spacing can also put a strain on the eyes. Many business owners end up with uneven spacing on their yard signs because they try to design their yard signs all by themselves. 

If you’re designing your outdoor signage, make sure you focus on the spacing of letters. Additionally, the spacing needs to be constant throughout the entire text. This will ultimately improve the aesthetics of the fonts you used in your yard signs. As per Company Folders, uneven spacing is one of the worst typography mistakes

Apart from that, the spacing needs to be relevant to the size of your text. The negative space is also important depending on the size of your yard signs.  

You Choose Wrong Material

Choosing the wrong material for yard signs is another common mistake many business owners make. Remember that the longevity of your yard sign is highly dependent on the materials you choose. 

If your yard signs will be exposed to the sun every day, you need to use fade-resistant ink. Additionally, you have to choose waterproof materials if you want to protect your yard signs from the constant rain. 

Additionally, make sure that the design and materials are relevant to the image of your brand. 


These are the 4 custom yard sign mistakes you need to avoid. You have invested your valuable money in creating an attractive yard sign. Hence, you should make these mistakes otherwise your yard signs will be ruined. Don’t forget that your yard signs will speak on behalf of your business.