Promotional Video for Small Business

Do you know that 83% of the marketers using promotional videos agree they give a positive return on investment? Promotional videos are among the most effective ways to market your business. Your potential customers need to know that your business exists. Through a promotional video, you will be able to grab your audience’s attention and visually tell them the story behind your business in an engaging and relatable way.

Many consumers prefer watching a promotional video to learn more about products and services.

When creating your promo video, you don’t have to make it an overt sales pitch. Instead, you should weave your business story that provokes an emotional response from your potential buyers. That helps build an affinity with your business and win your audience to consider your brand.

Check the tips below and learn how to develop promotional videos to promote your brand.

9 Tips To Create A Promo Video For Your Business

Establish Clear Objectives

What do you want to achieve with your promo video? When creating promotional videos to market your business, you need to have straightforward goals.

Do you seek to drive sales, promote brand awareness or educate your audience through your video? The goal you want to achieve has a dramatic effect on the creative direction you’ll take to create a quality promotional video.

Get The Right Tone For Your Video

Promotional videos have different tones based on the line of business you want to promote.

Once you establish your objectives, you should set the right tone to achieve your marketing goals. The tone you use influences how your audience receives your business message. While some businesses require serious messaging, others need a bit more light-hearted tone.

However, High-quality marketing videos have historically been out of the reach of small businesses. when promoting your brand through a small business video, poking some fun at it will be a great way to engage your viewers. 

Choose Your Video Style

When seeking to promote your brand through a video, you should get a video style that suits your messaging and brand values.

Do you want to represent your business in a quirky animation? Or do you seek to promote the human side of your business using a live-action video?

An animation promotion video allows you more freedom to be creative with your business storytelling.

Take Enough Time To Develop Your Script

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of words when creating marketing content like a promotional video.

A weak script will water down the quality of your video, which can discourage your audience from watching. And when your audiences are discouraged, they won’t receive your message.

Make sure you develop an on-point script that allows you to plan your messaging in detail. That helps to save time in post-production, which you could have spent changing things in your video.

Storyboard Your Business Narrative

Storyboarding is a great tool to bring your script to life before shooting any clip for your promotional video.

Even before you begin making your video, you have its flow in mind. So, developing a blueprint of how your script plays out is vital to ensure your promotional video appears exactly how you want it in mind. If you’re not creating a video alone, a storyboard will be a great visual cue for all players in your characters in the video for direction.

Your storyboard should be more detailed to create an effective promotional video.

Maintain High Quality In The Process

You need to develop quality promotional videos to win more business customers. Remember, crafting an amazing promotional video requires time and can be expensive. But that shouldn’t mean you can create great videos to promote your business on a limited budget.

Take quality clips and use credible video editing tools to polish your video.

Above all, you should create a video that gets the engagement you desire. If not, you will waste money and a lot of your precious time if it falls flat. Don’t forget that a poorly done promotional video will damage your business reputation.

When you’re not confident in creating quality promotional videos for your business, consider getting help from a video expert to bring your vision to life.

Keep Your Promotional Video Short

Today, the attention span of many viewers is shrinking. You should create a short promotional video that enjoys the best engagement. More audiences will watch your small business video if you keep it sweet and short.

In addition, your promo video can get many likes and shares when you keep it short, which can make your business more popular if the video goes viral.

Creating a short yet quality promotional video begins with proper planning, scripting, and storyboarding. That allows you to tell your small business message to many potential buyers clearly and concisely.

It would be best if you took enough time to plan everything to make sure you bring your vision to life and make an impact with your promotional video.

Pay Attention To Your Promotional Video Sound

Sound plays a key role in attracting the viewer’s attention. Have you watched a YouTube video, and the sound quality kept you off? Just like the video’s poor sound puts you off, your viewers will not bear to watch your promotional video with low sound quality.

Once you develop the quality script, you require quality audio to complement it. You need quality equipment and a suitable location for live sound. Throwing up background noises damages the quality of your video.

After production, your music and voice-over should be mixed expertly to capitalize on the impact of your promotional video. Remember that a high-quality promotional video will bring in more customers, leading to huge revenue for your business.

Use Video SEO

You should use all means to ensure as many people see your business as possible. And the best way is to ensure it ranks on the first page of the search engine’s ranking page.

Many search engines favor video content. You should use the best SEO techniques like applying relevant keywords, correct video labeling, and transcription of your promotional video to enhance ranking.

Remember, getting your business video noticed makes your business more popular.


Access to videos by the consumer is going higher every day. The chances of propelling your business to the next level of success are quite high when using promotional video. You don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment to create quality and engaging promotional videos for your business.

Get the best shots and edit your footage like an expert, and you’ll have amazing videos to win more business customers. You can then share your video on multiple platforms to make your business more popular.


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