The Non-Negotiables in Planning a Luxury Wedding

To make your wedding successful, you have to plan it right. You must signify your non-negotiables early on to know which elements to prioritise, especially for a luxury wedding. Doing so will also allow you to allocate your wedding budget as early as possible.

What are non-negotiables?

Your wedding is arguably the most important milestone in your adult life. It’s the start of something big, and it is but right you have the final say on what you deem as essential elements to be part of your big day. Those are the non-negotiables. They are the elements that you can’t do away with on your wedding day. And your planner should incorporate them to keep you happy, may it be as elegant as the bespoke personal stationery you fancy, or maybe a luxury location you have been dreaming of as a little girl.

What are your non-negotiables?

The non-negotiable may be different for every couple. With such a big event as a wedding involving so many elements, it could be challenging to choose which ones you could not leave out if you will have to streamline due to budget constraints. But basically, these things are considered crucial to staging a memorable and meaningful occasion:

  • A wedding planner/coordinator. As the main star of the event, it could take off a lot of weight from your shoulders if a professional is looking after the details. A wedding planner/coordinator can take care of even the littlest details that matter, like your invitation and thank-you cards, which must be laid out in quality paper to make an impression. However, if a dedicated wedding planner seems too expensive, you could have at least an on-the-day coordinator to ensure your dream wedding will go as planned.
  • Professional photographer and videographer. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. It is worth preserving in fantastic snaps and videos so you can share the excitement with the next generation. You could not delegate this role to just about anyone. It takes skill and equipment to shoot a beautiful wedding, and that’s what you will need.
  • A full-service caterer. Food is an integral part of any event. You have to keep your guests satisfied, or all your efforts will be futile. Why do you need a full-service instead of a regular caterer? Because this is not just about food. A full-service caterer could take care of many elements and take them off your worries. Tell them your motif or theme, and they will take care of everything — from setting tables and chairs, serving food and drinks, clearing garbage, and more.
  • Florist. The beautiful blooms set the romantic mood in any wedding, making a florist’s role essential. However, putting together floral arrangements for the event is tricky to DIY and could cost more money (and stress) from your end. So it is advisable to get a professional to take care of everything instead. If you are thinking about excluding a florist from your budget, think again.

A wedding is a significant event in anyone’s life. It involves lots of details that require proper attention so you can have the wedding you have always wanted.Image:Wedding Couple Groom Bride Love


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