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Covid has certainly changed many aspects of our lives and how we do things. More people are spending time at home, and surprisingly gaming has increased. Let’s look at how coronavirus gaming has affected our habits. 

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Covid Era Gaming 

Gaming has always been a popular pastime for many, with the pandemic though gaming levels have gone up considerably. Covid has proved to be quite isolating, and video games still offer some form of social interaction with others. This is especially true for online multiplayer games where you get to play together with other people. Most gaming companies have seen significant increases in sales, fueled by a greater demand. 

More people are now playing than ever before. They’re also spending more time on games and gaming related activities. Most games have communities that develop around them on forums such as Reddit and other places. Here, players can chat about games and exchange tips with each other. 

With more leisure time available for many, games also provide a very useful distraction for people. Games take us to a whole different world, and give us something totally new to explore. For some people, this escape is very important as it allows you to get away from the uncertainties of the world. With VR gaming technology improving, this will be even more true in the future. If you think games are fun now, just wait until you can enter the game yourself. 

Online Casino Gaming 

One kind of gaming which has received a surprising increase in new players are online casinos. Forget what you think you know about slot machines; online casino slots have gotten to be quite sophisticated games. These games now have much better graphics, mechanics and even stories in some cases. 

One primary reason for the greater push to online casinos has been the fact that land-based casinos are facing more restrictions. During the pandemic, there have been restrictions on indoor gatherings and, in some cases, complete closures of some establishments. As a result, most gamblers moved their activities online. 

However, it’s more than just existing gamblers that are driving the increase in online casinos. Other people are finding themselves trying out casino games out of curiosity, boredom or both. Many casinos will also offer games for free, requiring no deposit from the player. You can enjoy the games just for fun if you want to, no wagers are needed. 

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games have been gaining in popularity for years, but things have accelerated even more now. These can come in many different forms. First of all, there are cooperative team based games. These often take place in the form of tactical shooters. Players may assume the role of military or police and work as a team to achieve an objective. Common titles are the Rainbow Six series, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. These games can be very social, too, as team members are often in direct contact through headsets. 

Massively multiplayer online games are another genre to look at. Popular examples include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Raid Shadow Legends. Compared to the previous games we mentioned, these are more solitary. Here, players take part in a massive world where there can be hundreds of other players. You can still interact with these other players and sometimes even team up if you want to. The games can represent many kinds of genres and have proved to be quite popular. 

A Greater Shift to Digital Gaming 

It used to be that if you wanted to play any game, you’d have to buy a disk and pop it into your PC or console. Now more than ever, games are being purchased and downloaded online. This represents many advantages for consumers. 

For one, games can be conveniently accessed. There’s also no more worry of a shop running out of stock of a new title. A certain game will also never become scarce long after release since it will be available for download at any time. 

With people staying inside more and this trend likely to continue for some time, there is an even greater push for digital products. The major drawback of this approach is that games simply take up a large amount of space on your hard drive. If you’re somebody who plays a lot of games, you’ll need a hard drive with ample room

Future Implications 

What do all of these new trends mean for the future of gaming? It’s likely that the popularity of video games will only continue to rise. Even when things do eventually return to normal, we expect most gamers will continue a similar level of activity as before. 

Gaming has naturally gained in popularity as technology has also improved. Better graphics, larger environments and more diverse mechanics have led to greater and more enjoyable experiences. 

As we mentioned earlier, VR technology is also improving. This will surely lead to an unparalleled level of immersion and gaming like we’ve never seen before. 

We’re sure the trend to digitalisation will also continue, and games may largely be available online one day. Game companies are also beginning to release additional content digitally. This is mostly in the form of patches, but in some cases, extra modes and features can also be released once a game is already out. 


In this new era gaming has flourished. More people have turned to gaming as a favourite activity, and they are spending more time on it as well. Without the ability to see others as much as we used to, games still offer a valuable source of socialisation. 


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