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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is modifying your website so that it appeals to the Google search engine and gets you more organic traffic.

This is common knowledge among marketers and business owners, however not everyone knows what this actually entails.

SEO is more of an umbrella term and has many services that come underneath it, so here are the ones you need to know about.

Content SEO Service

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Most people may think of this when they hear SEO, and for good reason. It’s a huge part of it.

It involves creating and modifying your content for the best chance of ranking highly on Google for specific searches.  

Finding the best keyword to target is vital as this sets the pace for the rest of your campaign. This means you have to perform a landscape analysis to find out your direct competitors, what keywords they are using & targeting, their plans etc.

Landscape analysis isn’t the end all be all though. You may use some elements, but you don’t have to target the same keywords. You’ll have to use your own discretion and decide what type of keyword is best for your company.

For example, are you going to use short-tail or long-tail keywords, how niche will your keyword be, will you incorporate local keywords etc.

Afterwards, you need to create content to target the chosen keywords. This could mean changing the content you’ve already got or making new ones, such as blogs.

User experience is also a huge part of content SEO. Navigating a website should be an easy process, with everything clearly and aesthetically laid out. 

This crosses over with technical SEO (which we’ll touch upon later) as it requires a good structural foundation to be built off, but content-wise you have to pay good attention to how much content is on each page, how many pages you have etc. 

As you can see, content SEO is a very demanding process – evaluating the content you already have and improving/adding to it. You would expect it to be absurdly expensive, but it’s actually quite flexible.

You can pay per keyword, per month, or per year and the price can range anywhere from $50 per month upwards, so there is no reason not to invest in this.

Off-page SEO Service

Seo diagram with glasses and pencil.

We’ve discussed how your page’s content can help your traffic, but something that’s overlooked is how content off of your page is just as important.

The most prevalent example of this is mentions of your site on the web. For example, review websites. 

People trust Google reviews and other websites to tell them whether or not they can trust it, so having multiple people highly rate you will encourage more people to visit you thus boosting traffic.

An extension of this is getting multiple websites to link to you. This is good because, similar to reviews, it gives people more avenues to discover your brand, but also because this is a signifier to Google that your website is to be trusted.

However, your link shouldn’t just be randomly dotted across all corners of the internet; you have to be aware of who you’re associated with.

You need to make sure there is some synergy so that their audience and yours have at least some similarities. Also, they need to be legitimate themselves so they can benefit you, as being linked with a shady website can do more harm than good to your reputation.

Despite its equal importance, it isn’t as dense as content-related SEO, so you are more likely to get this service cheaper.

Technical SEO service

Arguably the most demanding type of SEO service is technical.

As the name suggests, this is to do more with the back end part of your website, which goes hand in hand with the front end content.

To list a few:

  • Website Speed
  • Website Size
  • Broken Links
  • Mobile Friendly
  • No duplicate content
  • Tidy URL
  • Domain Quality

And more.

All of these affect the user experience, which deters people from using our website and tells Google not to recommend us. For example, website speed refers to load times getting on our page and navigating between pages.

There is a lot of research about how long people are willing to wait for a website to load, but the most common number is 2 seconds. This means no matter how fancy your content is or where people find you from, they won’t interact with your website if they have to wait almost 5 minutes to access it.

This is a clear case of optimising the back end of your website to make the front end more attractive to potential customers.

A professional would always be better than general knowledge about a topic. Still, content SEO and off-page SEO can be attempted (to an unimpressive level but attempted nevertheless) by someone with vague knowledge and a checklist perhaps.

However, technical SEO requires some specialist knowledge about website building, possibly coding, working with different file types etc. Therefore, it makes sense that this demands a higher starting cost than the other 2 types.


These are the three main types of SEO services available, and each one has its distinct advantages that any worthwhile business should be using.

These types can even be split up further into sub-sections, some of which I’ve alluded to already. As long as you focus on these 3 key types, you should cover a good base for SEO.

It may be tempting to focus on one type at a time and save money, but if it’s value you’re after then, it may be best to focus on an SEO service that covers all 3 at once. 

They are many out there like this, so if your budget permits, I highly recommend this option as the return on investment you’ll see will be astonishing.


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