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People now look to invest in schemes that can earn them greater rewards. People know that when they invest their money in fixed deposits or public provident funds or mutual funds they can grow their money. They just have to invest a fixed amount of money for a fixed Period of time. The rate of interest varies in different schemes. At the end of the plan, they get the principal amount along with the interest. This way their money grows in number. This is the best way to grow money for people looking to invest in financial schemes.

The SIP calculator is a tool that can be used to calculate the interest amount and the total return that the investor will get at the end of the plan. This is only an estimate of the total amount received at the end of the scheme. The exact value of the total return may differ from scheme to scheme.

The benefits of investing in mutual funds: 

By investing in mutual funds people can grow their money in several ways. The process of investing is also very easy and the returns also are very satisfying. Some of the advantages of investing in mutual funds schemes are as follows:

  • Easy investment: The mutual fund schemes are for everyone. Anybody who wants to invest can do so without facing any problems. They are just required to invest a fixed sum of money for a fixed period of time. The rate of interest is mentioned to the investor and the money received by him at the end of the scheme includes the principal amount along with the interest. 
  • High rate of interest: The rate of interest is generally high in mutual funds schemes. People when investing in these schemes get greater returns as compared to other investment schemes. Thus they get more money in return when they invest in mutual fund schemes. Mutual fund schemes help people to grow their money. The money invested in the mutual fund schemes is also secured. 
  • Strictly regulated: The mutual fund schemes have to obey the rules and regulations mentioned by the security exchange board of India. They cannot do anything against the rule of law. So the mutual fund schemes are highly regulated and secure. People can easily trust these schemes and can invest their money. However, there are some terms and conditions associated with mutual fund schemes. But generally, they are very secure and also beneficial to the investors. 

The SIP calculator proves to be a blessing to investors. They help them to calculate their total returns after the completion of mutual fund schemes. The greater the interest rates offered by the mutual fund schemes the greater is the profit. This way people can grow their money in mutual fund schemes. The money received in the form of interest becomes the additional money for the investor. Investing in mutual funds can sometimes be very beneficial.

People can use the SIP calculator tool on the 5paisa app. The app is accessible to everyone and is absolutely free of cost. The application is very easy to use and is user friendly.  


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