Benefits Of A Loft Conversion

Deciding on converting the loft within a property has become a popular thing to do in order to add extra living space with many homeowners throughout the West Midlands and the rest of the United Kingdom. Rather than having to endure the pain and expense of moving house, more and more property owners are turning to putting an extra bedroom in the loft. No longer is this part of the house just somewhere to store furniture, old family heirlooms, or Christmas decorations, it can now be a master bedroom with an en suite, or anything else that you want.

For anyone that is unsure about whether or not they should have their loft converted, read the list of benefits below.

Increases property value

Not only are you rewarded with extra living space by having a loft conversion but it also helps to increase the overall value of your property, which is great for when you eventually come to sell it. If done right and to a high standard, a loft conversion can add as much as 20% to the value of your home. That means that if your house is valued at the UK average of £254,624, then converting the loft can add an extra £50,000 to the price – a great investment by anyone’s standard.

Does not require planning permission

When making significant structural changes to your property, such as adding a large extension, then you are required to apply for planning permission. However, this is very rarely the case with loft conversions. This is because they are deemed to be permitted developments. The only time where planning permission is required with a loft conversion is if it alters the appearance of the exterior of your house, such as if you were adding a dormer window. 

Provides more living space

Although when you purchased your house it may have seemed big enough, it cannot take long for a family to outgrow the space that they live in and thus require a greater amount of living space. By having the loft in your property converted, it is providing you with this much needed space. The best thing about it is that a loft conversion can be used for anything, although most people use it as bedroom space – there is the option of using it for a games room, a gym, a cinema room, or even another lounge, the possibilities are endless.

Simpler than moving house

Having your loft converted is so much simpler than going through the hassle and financial burden of moving home. So when you think you have outgrown your property, rather than look for a bigger one, you should opt to have the loft space converted into an extra bedroom or bedrooms, a bathroom, or even an entertaining space.

If reading the above benefits has convinced you of having your loft converted and are based in the West Midlands, then loft conversions in Birmingham can help you with your journey of making the most of the space.


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