Tanzanite Jewelry guide

Are you someone who loves the blue color and more importantly just willing to express your beauty by showing off your radiant personality? If yes! Then you will find the Tanzanite jewelry quite perfect to your liking.

Tanzanite was first discovered by a group of Masai Tribesmen at Merelani Hills below Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967.

You would be surprised to see that Tanzanite stone is even rarer than diamonds since they can be found only in one place on earth, i.e. Tanzania. So the next time you wear a Tanzanite pendant, remember this and tell this fact to your friends too.

 Here Are Some Tanzanite Jewelry Buying Ideas:

1. Pendants:

Most women love a suitable diamond pendant with sterling silver chains or white gold chains. But when it comes to experimenting, very few think it’s worth it to change their old classic way of styling. However, if you change your traditional style and preference, you will see that many different stones are now available, and they can also enhance your beauty just as diamonds do.

One of those neoclassical stones is Tanzanite. You see, a Tanzanite stone will go just about right with any skin tone and dress, be it a party or something semi-formal. You can pair it with a fabulous pair of Shungite tennis bracelets and then wear a gown or a suit or any other matching dress. 

This is because of the color of Tanzanite, which comes in a shade of blue+violet mixed with blue, the dominating one. It is actually quite rare to find a natural blue Tanzanite, and most of them are chemically treated.

2. Rings:

The first word which comes to most women’s mind when they hear the name rings are diamond rings. But you must understand that diamonds are good but not recommended to wear every day and to every occasion. There are lots of other stones which you can try and wear.

For example-A sapphire ring is the most elegant and classic choice to wear in a high-class event. Similarly, in a small neighborhood community meeting, a Shungite ring with sterling silver is most ideal.

Tanzanite rings strike the middle ground when it comes to wearing them since they come in varied sizes and colors. If you found any Tanzanite ring within your budget and it has a rich texture to it, and it is complemented by other small stones too, then wear it for formal occasions or parties.

If you have a Tanzanite ring and intend to wear only that, then use it to wear in semi-formal occasions. Also, another fashion tip- the Tanzanite is present in various shapes and cushions, but the oval cuts are the most popular among younger womens.

3. Necklaces:

You will be amazed by the sheer number of Tanzanite jewelry preferred by many younger millennials. And most of them prefer wearing them to parties and get-togethers. This is because, unlike other stones like emeralds, diamonds, and others, Tanzanite stone sits subtly in your body and demands no special attention unless you highlight it.

For example- A lapis lazuli stone necklace may sometimes be too flashy for someone if they are wearing it with light-coloured outfits, but Tanzanite will never do such a thing. It will be like people will see the Tanzanite necklace but will be stunned for a moment about what it is and then be more curious rather than piqued. 

So if you are someone who likes to remain in the onlooker’s minds for a longer time and for the correct reasons you should definitely try Tanzanite. To highlight it, you need to find a necklace which has some shiny strontium titanate or American diamonds beaded into the chain. 

This is because stones like these will make the light bounce right off the necklace and hence look sparkling and attention-grabbing. Something which is nice to have in a black tie event or formal party but not at all recommended for a semi- formal party.

4. Tennis Bracelet:

You can buy a Tanzanite stone tennis bracelet, but most women actually prefer other stones like strontium titanate, pink diamonds, crystals or other shiny materials. Since a tennis bracelet is made specifically to highlight your hands, they should be sparkly. 

Hence in most stores, you will find Tanzanite tennis bracelets along with diamond bearings in the chain so that it gives a dual-tone color scheme.


Tanzanite is a great looking stone, but some people do not know how to style it; hence say that the stone is drab. On the other hand, if you know fashion and styling tips, you will see Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful looking stones out there and will certainly grab some eyeballs if you are wearing one at a party or other events.


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