Study Plan for CAPF Exam 2023

The UPSC CAPF test is administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to candidates for the position of Assistant Commandant. The UPSC CAPF exam is one of the most difficult and esteemed tests in India with over 3 lac applicants.

Candidates for the UPSC CAPF 2023 exam must use their preparation time as effectively as possible due to the limited number of openings announced. If you are a serious aspirant, prepare for UPSC CAPF, you must make a study plan for all the papers of this exam. You need to prepare subject-wise for effective study and to enhance the chances of success. 

In this blog, candidates will learn about the UPSC CAPF study plan of 2023, key subjects and advice for preparation on each subject of the CAPF exam 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. UPSC CAPF Study Plan 2023
  2. Subject Wise Preparation Advice For The CAPF AC 2023
  3. CAPF AC Paper I
  4. CAPF AC Geography
  5. CAPF AC Current Affairs
  6. CAPF AC General Intelligence And Ability
  7. CAPF AC General Science
  8. CAPF AC Politics And Economy
  9. CAPF AC History
  10. CAPF AC Paper II
  11. CAPF AC Composing Essays
  12. CAPF AC Physical Exam
  13. CAPF AC Interview/Personality Exam Preparation Advice
  14. Wrapping Up
  15. FAQs

UPSC CAPF Study Plan 2023

Learn everything you can about the UPSC CAPF test format and scoring system. Review the comprehensive UPSC CAPF syllabus to become familiar with all the sections and subjects you must master to pass the test. Choose the finest books for UPSC CAPF and thoroughly study them. You may afterward consult summaries and explanation videos. But for in-depth information, read the books first.

Download and complete at least ten years’ worth of UPSC CAPF 2023 previous year exam papers. Create a topic-specific UPSC CAPF 2023 preparation plan and assign each subject the same amount of time. To ensure that you don’t miss any test questions, concentrate on your weak areas and build up your strong ones.

Create a followable timetable for your time and your studies, and follow it. To acquire an idea and a study atmosphere, get in touch with other candidates studying for the Assistant Commandant test and other exams. Read publications such as newspapers and journals regularly.

Subject Wise Preparation Advice For The CAPF AC 2023

There are two papers in the CAPF exam 2023: Paper I and Paper II. Six subjects are covered in the UPSC CAPF AC Paper I, and there are two sections in the UPSC CAPF AC Paper II: Part A (essay questions), and Part B (comprehension, précis writing, and other communications/language abilities). Subject-wise preparation tips include:

  1. CAPF AC Paper I

In CAPF exam 2023 Paper-II, General Ability, and Intelligence will be studied. 

The CAPF AC Paper I will be an objective test, and candidates must receive the minimum required marks to pass.

  1. CAPF AC Geography

Focus on geographical aspects of India and the world, such as new treaties, climate change, global warming, and so on.

The NCERT geography textbooks provide strong conceptual knowledge for novices.

  1. CAPF AC Current Affairs

Candidates should be current on both local and global news.

To consistently advance this subject, read journals, and newspapers, and watch television for daily news updates.

Applicants should include treaties formed between nations, international accords for peace, awards earned in a range of disciplines, including sports, science, music, and the arts, as well as current world economic realities.

  1. CAPF AC General Intelligence And Ability

With an emphasis on numerical competence and data interpretation, pay attention to your logical thinking and mathematical ability.

To improve your skills in this area, use ideas like profit and loss, time and distance, graphs, analogies, pi-charts, mathematical tables, and more regularly.

  1. CAPF AC General Science
  • Focus on the most recent scientific developments.
  • Learn daily sciences.
  • To meet the requirements for General Science, candidates should use the NCERT Notes as their best resource.
  • Candidates will have enough knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology after studying the NCERT Notes.
  1. CAPF AC Politics And Economy

This would include the political structure of India, public works initiatives, the country’s general economic status, dangers from home and abroad, ongoing talks, various corporate policies, and the role of the Reserve Bank of India. Have detailed knowledge about the economic crisis all around the country.

Keep making notes regarding current events about economic growth, failures, and so forth.

  1. CAPF AC History
  • Analyze and make notes on numerous historical periods, as well as specific years and dates, in Indian history.
  • Regularly research several rulers and their reigns.
  • Understand the independence movement as well as social and economic advances in India to study history for the UPSC CAPF exam 2023.
  • To study history for the CAPF Test 2023, you might turn to publications like Lucent, historical works, and NCERT works.
  1. CAPF AC Paper II

The UPSC CAPF AC Paper-II will be descriptive in style. The language in which applicants submit their essays can be either English or Hindi, however only English will be used for the precise writing comprehension components and other communication/language abilities. Candidates should improve their Hindi and English language skills if they want to pass the CAPF exam 2023 on their first try.

  1. CAPF AC Composing Essays

Everything might serve as a topic for an essay, including politics or general knowledge. So that you may structure an essay with accurate facts and occurrences, you need to extensively research all the issues.

  1. CAPF AC Physical Exam

Applicants who want to run for Assistant Commandant positions in the CAPF exam 2023 must take a physical efficiency test (PET).

Only those applicants who have already passed the written exam will be permitted to appear in this examination, according to the official statement. The applicants will compete in a series of races, long jumps, and shot-put during the CAPF physical examination.

  1. CAPF AC Interview/Personality Exam Preparation Advice

The UPSC CAPF AC Interview round is the last step in the recruiting process. Applicants should give the UPSC CAPF AC Interview round in 2023 top priority and devote enough preparation time to it, keep following things in your mind.

  • Eye contact.
  • Be Confident.
  • Verbal & Non Verbal communication
  • Everyone is equal.
  • Don’t follow everyone.

Wrapping Up

The first stage of the UPSC CAPF exam 2023 is a written test that covers a variety of topics, including Indian history, politics, economics, general science, and more. To pass the test, candidates need to adhere to the UPSC CAPF AC Subject Wise preparation advice 2023. 

These tips will help you get ready for the CAPF exam 2023. Also, along with the subject-wise tips discussed above, it is crucial to use UPSC CAPF AC Study Material 2023, such as previous year papers, quizzes, test series, etc. in addition to the top books. 


Is the CAPF interview difficult?

Not extremely difficult, however, some of the questions may be challenging. The panel will evaluate the candidates’ academic performance, physical and mental toughness, intellectual prowess, etc.

How can I pass the UPSC CAPF exam?

The UPSC CAPF 2023  may be passed by those who consistently prepare, are devoted, and are persistent.

How can I prepare for the UPSC CAPF?

The above post includes a full breakdown of the UPSC CAPF 2023 preparation plan. To prepare for the UPSC CAPF test in 2023, candidates should refer to the issues raised above. 


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