Spice Up Your Merch Line

Have you ever noticed how merchandise trends shift, but the fundamentals always seem to stay the same? Fashion moves in cycles, and there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to selling stuff to promote your venture.

With that said, you need to stay on top of trends and keep it fresh so that you’re ahead of the curve, rather than falling behind. That’s why your merch line can benefit from items like custom lapel pins that never go out of style.

Let’s explore the latest custom lapel pins trend and see how these evergreen items can spice up your merch line ASAP.

Merch Line Bestsellers

What makes merch irresistible to fans, friends, and family members alike? All-time favorites like t-shirts and hats can be worn proudly and display logos, messages, and more. 

But where do pins stack up in the typical merch lineup? Are they considered true bestsellers, or just an afterthought behind the top performers like apparel?

According to ecommerce data, pins are more competitive than ever with regard to sales numbers, suggesting they should be part of any merch store’s core arsenal. 

If you already have a series of designs in place for stickers, totes, and tees, there’s no reason to leave lapel pins on the table. You might be missing out on profits and a powerful marketing tool!

Mass Appeal of Pins

Is it any wonder that enamel pins have become a status symbol in recent years? Cultural icons from music and movies to athletics are sporting pins more often, proving that they’re much more than a passing trend.

Today’s lapel pins are a mix of high fashion, everyday accessibility, and a dash of exclusivity for the hypebeasts out there. That explains why we see limited edition pins from artists like Travis Scott, Kanye, and even the Kardashians – with sky-high prices to match.

Of course, versatility is another huge benefit of lapel pins that anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a minor league sports team, an up-and-coming band, or a non-profit with a noble social mission, there’s a perfect lapel pin waiting to be created in your name. 

Affordable and Accessible

While some of the most desirable designer pins are loaded with gems and go for $1000 apiece, standard lapel pins are far more affordable to produce and highly accessible to everyone. With attractive margins, you can certainly turn a nice profit with minimal input.

Costs will be determined by the materials you choose, the construction process of the pins themselves, and other add-ons and extras along the way. For instance, a one-inch, soft enamel pin with alloyed backing might cost only a few dollars per pin to produce, which you can then sell off for 2x revenues or more.

Run the numbers: you’ll see that adding custom lapel pins to your merch line is not only a smart business move, but it’s easier than ever to execute, even on a small scale. Experiment with a minimum order (typically 100 pins), and see how they sell! You won’t be disappointed. 

Creative Control (Customization)

With t-shirts, hats, and other merch staples, there’s only so much you can do in terms of customization. However, lapel pins have far more flexibility than you might expect, offering a huge range of different sizes, materials, and design options that fit your brand.

For example, enamel pins come in both soft and hard formats, each offering a unique appearance and textural feel. Soft enamel has those vintage gel colors and recessed compartments, while hard enamel brings a more modern, polished look.

Don’t forget about the hardened, antique aesthetic of die-struck pins, inspired by industrial materials and production. The point is that you’ve got creative control over the process from start to finish, and the options are endless.

Your Vision, Your Design

How do you ensure that your lapel pins match the rest of your merch line in terms of quality and appearance? It all starts with a design, so make sure you spend the time and effort to perfect it before production.

Lapel pins are best when a design is simple but effective, featuring bold lines and eye-catching colors. This isn’t the format you want to squeeze in tons of words and hidden meanings – keep it basic to make a strong impression.

If your merch line is lacking color or suffers from cluttered designs, a custom lapel pin is a perfect way to mix things up. You’ll be rewarded for a strong color palette and memorable imagery. Gather inspiration from the top-selling pins and create your winning design now. 

Add Pins to Your Merch Lineup

With manufacturers standing by and ready, it doesn’t take much to add some much-needed flair to your merchandise with custom lapel pins. Test out some designs, get a free quote, and see just how quickly (and affordably) you can create some custom merch magic.  


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