High-Tech Wedding

Every couple takes a lot of interest in planning their special day. Marriage is a day that involves a lot of emotions and feelings. Couples these days use technology to celebrate their big day. There are various elegant and creative ways of incorporating technology into celebrating your special day. 

Many people install gadget charging stations near the gift corner and even hire robots for entertainment. Hani Zeini shares high-tech wedding ideas that may inspire your guests to create lifelong memories.

Some ways to use technology to make your big day more special as suggested by Hani Zeini

• Drone photography: It is impossible to get all the wedding guests into one single picture. To make this possible, you may have to hire an eye in the sky. In this regard, aerial photography has gained immense popularity among grooms and brides, hoping to create unique and breath-taking shots. However, according to Hani Zeini, you have to be cautious regarding certain things while hiring a drone to take photos and videos. It is always desirable to get hold of a professional photographer who knows how to operate aerial vehicles to ensure that they are not disruptive and loud.

• GoPro: GoPro cameras are used extensively for capturing single person views of the big day. For incorporating an action camera into the reception or ceremony, you may have to stash it in the bridal bouquet. For capturing candid moments, many professional photographers use this technique.

• Projection mappings: While deciding on the wedding cake, every couple wants to make sure that it is extraordinary. To make it so, add sophisticated and eye-catching colorful textures into the design of the cake. It is here where cake projection mapping becomes relevant. This concept helps demonstrate what a cake will look like, by displaying handwritten messages, photographs, and special effects that can be interchanged to show the various possibilities of what the cake can look like. 

• Get a robot bartender: When it comes to the animatronic bartender, try to embrace a robot revolution for better results. There are various options available, which act as a mixologist and pour customized drinks for your guests. According to Hani Zeini, you may also use mobile applications for developing and naming signature drinks, which make a lasting impression. Sometimes the way the robot entertains the guest may blow your mind. Your guests may remember this for a long time. 

Whether it is a destination wedding or one conducted at a Community Centre, you may make your special day even more attractive by incorporating technology in different ways. You may take the help of professionals who have the technical know-how and expertise in this field. However, hire a good wedding planner who knows how to make the best use of technology to develop unique wedding ideas. 


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