The answer to if you can sell broken mobile phone is a big YES.

Most people keep wondering if their broken mobiles carry a value – the answer is YES, it does.

Most of the people end up with a pile of old mobile phones for varied reasons. It may be broken, or the screen is damaged, may be its power or volume keys have some issues or may be it is just lying unnoticed in any closet or dust-ridden drawer. Some of them may also found their way in bins. 

Selling broken mobile phones online is possible and this post would help you believe that. Your broken phone can earn you some money rather than lying idle at some dark corner. 

Almost 66% of the smartphone users have damaged their screen or phone in some or the other way. 

What Does “Broken” Actually Mean?

The simplest definition is – Any device that is not 100% functional is broken.

When you enter your details on the buying websites, most of them will have the following chronology, though they might differ in terms/words in the ‘condition’ tab:

  • New / Fresh
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Broken / Faulty

The top three primarily denote its appearance and aesthetics with natural and smooth functionality. For example, ‘poor’ denotes stuff to do with wear and tear, dents, scratches etc. with the device intact for its capability. 

“Faulty”, the last one is to be opted when there are minor or major issues with its operations and behaviour. 

The following are some examples of Faulty:

  • Faulty LCD display
  • Doesn’t turn on
  • Doesn’t charge
  • Cracked / Smashed Screen
  • Touch not working or abruptly behaving 
  • Faulty Camera
  • Liquid / Water Damage

Everything above falls under Faulty with some defects severe than the others. Depending on the damage, the prices are offered. More the damage, lesser the price and vice versa.

In case you are wondering, please know that you can also sell broken iPhone. 

It’s possible.

If it is not being used, does it not make absolute sense selling broken phones for some cash? 

Let’s quickly dive in to understand how you can do this.

Get Your Mobile Phone Recycled:

Mobile phone recycling is a process to turn the constituents of a mobile phone into raw materials for manufacturing of new phones in an environmentally friendly manner. As a consumer, it allows you to trade your phone off for some cash – it doesn’t matter if it is old or broken.

The laws of the United Kingdom prohibit to discard the mobile phones in the open.

Mobile phones are made of hazardous materials and toxins which if lands in the landfills are severely harmful to earth and animals. So, in case, you have some lying at your place or office get them in the market now.

There are a lot of offline and online companies that deal into the recycling of mobile phones. Each recycler has its own policies and tradesaccordingly, and the prices may vary from one recycler to the other. Usually, each recycler has its own website where you can just key in the details to get an instant quote based upon the information you filled in. If you accept the offer, you will have to sendyour device to them for evaluation and sale closure. Some companies bear the postal charges while some don’t.  One has to be mindful about it and know this in advance to set the right price. Once your reaches them, it is sent for evaluation. Upon successful examination and acceptance of it, you can expect the agreed amount in your bank in the next two–three working days.

Intensive research for the various resellers and offerings gives you complete clarity to make an informed decision.

Is It Advisable To Get The Phone Repaired Before Selling It?

Good Question! 

The companies that are into buying of broken phones have large repair facilities,and therefore the repairing costs are way lower than any retail repair. 

If you go for repair, the costs may unnecessarily rise and may not appeal to the buying company.

So at the face of it, it may not look like the best approach.

However, the best way to counter is checking the repair costs and then see how is your ask and the market price relating? This removes the guess work and allows you to make an informed decision.

Nutshell, a broken phone can always be sold, and there is a big broken phone market and people who are into this. So, get that broken baby out and do the needful to fetch thatextra ££.

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