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Modern-day slots come with their own phrases and players slowly but surely become accustomed to them over time. For new customers though, it can be a little daunting to make sense of everything at first – visit now.

However, most occasional spinners need not worry about the language of slot games. Those that should be in the know, are gamblers who play slots regularly and are also interested in making a bit of extra cash on the side, rather than just having some fun. 

The Most Common Slot Terms 

If you spin slots regularly then chances are that you will have already come across phrases such as the Random Number Generator and the Return to Player percentage. Both are very important however you cannot control the RNG, but you do have some say when it comes to the RTP of a slot game. The so-called volatility of a slot can be linked to the RTP score as well. 

RTP Explained 

The RTP of a slot refers to a calculation that is made throughout the course of thousands of spins. Players might be surprised to discover that not all slots are the same and this is because each slot has a different selling point. High RTP scores are used to sell certain games to the public because they are usually a reasonably safe bet for punters who want a steady trickle of wins. Highly volatile slots with low RTP scores use this to sell the games because anything can happen. These types of slots can dead spin punters all night long, or they can suddenly burst into life and throw huge wins in a few spins that would be enough to cover player losses and then some. These types of games are more suited to thrill-seekers and high rollers who can afford to take a few financial knocks. 

High RTP Scores 

The general rule is that high RTP scoring slots will return a higher percentage of your wagering to you over time. A decent RTP score is anything over 96% and this means that in theory, if you played a certain slot long enough, you would get 96% of your wagering back. It will never be 100% because casino games need to turn a profit for both the casino and the game developers. You could find yourself with much less or much more, especially if you regularly hit bonus rounds. Because high RTP games are considered lower risk, they are also described as having a low volatility rating as well. 

The Function of An RTP Score 

The basic function of RTP scores in slots is to guide the public towards the slots that suit them the best. If you are looking to turn a profit, then the RTP guide can help you stick to the slots with the highest score, and these are the most likely to be the most generous to punters when it comes to payouts. You are not guaranteed to win on a diet of high RTP slots, but you do stand a better chance than if you concentrated on low RTP games.


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