Travel Brochures

A decade ago, people believed that brochures were virtually useless. However, now they are used more than ever. This is because the internet can be unreliable and very impersonal. The following are some well-thought-out reasons why travel brochures, especially those with great brochure design, are still a good idea even today.

1) They Are Up To Date

Travel brochures are constantly being updated to make certain they are as accurate as possible. In this digital day and age of ‘instant updates’ it is incredibly refreshing that modern brochure design can offer relevant information that will remain relevant for some time.

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2) They Are More Personal

When someone needs a hotel, a flight or a holiday package, they often want a personal recommendation. Travel brochures offer impartial advice from somebody who has been there and done that, rather than an advertisement with the product’s best interests at heart.

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3) They Offer Timely Information

Brochures are as current as they can be, as opposed to websites which take time to be updated. In some cases, even months can pass before a website is updated.

4) They Reflect Their Brand

Travel brochures are part of the marketing strategy for their particular brand. This is why they reflect everything that people might possibly need to plan, book and ultimately enjoy their holiday or vacation with the company in question.

5) They Are Widely Available

Travel brochures are available in most airports, online websites, hotels or even shops. They are also easily accessible. Millions of people pick up a travel brochure every week without ever leaving their own country!

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6) They Are Low Maintenance

Travel brochures do not need to be updated, backed up or protected from viruses. It is therefore far easier for people to keep them for as long as they need.

7) They Are Portable

Travel brochures are very easy to carry around or even download onto a tablet or smartphone. This is because they have been formatted in a way which makes them easily accessible and quick to load, without too much data being used up on a website with heavy graphics and videos.

8) They Are Confidential

In many cases, people do not want to share information online due to the risk of cyber-crime or sharing it with somebody they do not know. In this way travel brochures offer a level of discretion which cannot be matched by a website. Brochures can be shared by hand and kept safely, rather than being left open on a desk or laptop.

9) They Are Flexible

Just like their bi-fold or tri-fold brochure design counterparts, brochure templates can be printed out multiple times at a very high resolution. This is the perfect way to present an itinerary in much more detail without having to go through the hassle of printing off a huge amount of paper.

10) They Are Informative

Travel brochures are written in such a way that they inform readers, as opposed to inundating them with adverts and shiny distractions. This is why brochures can be trusted and held onto for longer periods of time. They are also designed to draw the reader in and keep them interested. As a result, people will spend more time reading them and listening to what the company has to say.

11) They Are Upfront

Most travel brochures do not have ads or other distractions on their pages. This is also because creative brochure design with ease of use and navigation in mind. Travel brochures should be open and honest about everything.

12) They Are Cheap And Budget-Friendly

Travel brochures can be picked up for free or at highly competitive prices, rather than hefty fees which people would have to pay online. Brochures are therefore loved by those on a budget who want all the information they need about a particular destination.

13) They Are Printed On Quality Paper

This is an area where many websites fall short, as the pages are often printed on substandard paper which cannot be saved or shared easily. Travel brochure design templates are printed on high-quality paper which gives them a longer life span and makes them easier to share.

14) People Love Them

Brochures themselves are a physical form of souvenir which people can collect, swap with friends or re-use as scrap paper. In this way they offer an easy-to-carry and visually attractive method for holiday makers to plan and document their own adventures and experiences.

15) They Are Customizable

Travel brochures are designed to be printed out on large scale so that people can cut them up and share them easily. This is why they are perfect for printing on t-shirts or laminating onto maps.

In Summary

Even though the internet has changed the way that people plan their holidays and book their trips there are still benefits to receiving travel brochures. People who are planning their next trip for business, pleasure, or even both will find them invaluable in terms of advice, recommendations, and inspiration. As a result, it is safe to say that travel brochures will remain a success for many years to come.


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