Wall Art Is Too Much

Wall art is always trending. It’s the perfect way to add shape to a plain wall, bring color to a neutral room, or add class and style to a room that shouldn’t necessarily be classy or stylish, like a laundry room. Nearly every home will feature wall art of some sort, be it a canvas that grand spans meters or smaller frames stacked together to create the shape a wall needs. But the question is, is there such a thing as too much wall art? The answer is yes. Too much wall art can look crowded, especially if there is a lack of coordination. 

There’s an art to wall art, and we’ll talk you through it. Read on to learn how much wall art is too much and how to place your artwork perfectly. 

How Much Wall Art Is Too Much?

Look at the picture above, and you’ll see the definition of too much wall art. But even half that number of wall art could be too much. Two pieces could be too much if they were placed wrong. The question should be, what size wall and what’s the size of your artwork? Trending at the minute is the idea of creating layered artwork using photo frames and prints in the bedroom. Carefully placing the photo frames in a tiered pattern can create dimension to a bedroom, and classy prints can bring subtle elegance. 

In contrast, a living room wall suits big, bold artwork more. One statement piece of artwork on the wall is enough to catch the eye, bring character, and break up the uniform straight walls. But here’s the conundrum, you can create quality with quantity and quantity with quality – one fine piece of art can do the job of multiple prints, and vice versa. It depends on the design of the room. 

Does The Art Itself Matter?

The artwork itself definitely matters, particularly when it comes to deciding whether it’s quality artwork that’s suited for your walls. How to determine that quality depends on your personal style and the artists you prefer. Jewish wall art, for example, brings a splash of color with elegance as a way to express your faith, whereas abstract art may be too obscure for such a representation, depending on your preferences. 

Always ensure the theme of the art suits the theme of your room. Bright, bold, and colorful art blends with neutral tones and bright white walls. Art that uses subtle and dark tones suits darker-toned walls. 

Styling Different Rooms With Art

Artwork is an essential accessory. Decorating your home with perfectly themed and placed artwork will bring class, style, and elegance effortlessly. As we’ve mentioned, different forms of art and colors will suit each room uniquely, depending on the interior colors and size of the walls. Let the theme of the room guide the artwork you choose, and remember that bright art suits bright rooms and vice versa. 

The ultimate answer to the question is – quality should beat quantity, but there’s nothing wrong with quantity as long as it’s good quality. Artwork can make a wall look crowded if there’s too much of it or the incorrect colors are selected. Each piece of art should compliment the room and vice versa. 


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