Macking up followers for your social media page is not easy work. You realize early on that you have your work cut out for you. You have to constantly post, update, create, and interact with your followers to keep your page fresh and relevant. If you’re a small business that does most of their business online you’ll find this not to be easy, yet important for your success. A clear sign of this is the fact that true social media growth comes from the fact that their page is being shared on group messaging chats. Once friends start sharing your page with each other then you know you have a product or business that provides unique and creative content that people admire. But before you get to that, people have to first find your page, in order for them to share it. So here are 4 ways to promote your social media page.

#1- Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a quick and easy way for people to find your content. With Hashtags, people can search social media for the subject they are looking for. If you use the right hashtags for your page and your posts, then you increase the chances of social media users finding your content and your page. Make sure to use hashtags that are common and popular, but also that are relevant and specific to your particular niche. Don’t opt for using random Hashtags, or just stuff your page with hashtags. You will find that tactic will work against you.

#2 – Boost Your Posts

Today social media and marketing have become synonymous with the way they work and function. A lot of social media platforms provide you the ability to boost and promote your posts through paid ads. By setting up a payment method you can pay to have your page reach thousands of potential followers and potential customers. Set up a small budget at first and play around with the demographics and type of people you want to reach. When boosting your post, always have a specific objective in mind. For example, you want people to enquire about a certain product, or follow your page?

#3 – Social Media Collaborations

Collaborating with other social media pages that share the same values or interests as you is a good way to tap into a different following and to expand yours. Reach out to some of the pages you know share similarities to yours and let them know you’d like to collaborate together. A lot of people will be excited to do just that!

#4 – Work with Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are a good way to hire an ambassador to promote your business. Getting a social media influencer to post about your page or product will help get their followers to look up your social media page and follow you. Again, make sure to work with influencers who are relevant to your business and product.Edit with the Docs


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