Staycation Ideas

These social distancing times has forced everyone to practice safe behaviors to protect themselves, loved ones, and everyone around them. This has changed how people live their lives. People are forced to spend more time at home, and many people have ended up canceling their Easter break travel. Summer holidays are looking like they will go ahead, book yours at My Hotel Break, until then there are plenty of things you can do to have fun.

Below are 5 tops tips that are going to help you.

Pitching your tent outdoors (or indoors)

This tip might not be applicable to everyone. You are going to need a backyard and a tent to enjoy this. You should consider camping in the comfort of your own home especially if you aren’t permitted to travel and go to a campsite. The change in the scenery in your backyard is enough to convince your brain to break from the daily routine, and it is also a great way of unwinding at the end of the day with your partner or your kids. You and your family are going to experience some fresh air sleeping.

If you don’t have a big enough garden or backyard or tent, then take your mattress to your living room then make the old-fashioned den. This is a good option when you want to entertain your kids. If you fancy such this, then don’t let it stop you.

Staycation Barbecue

Supermarket shelves were a little dry when the pandemic was starting, but things have started to settle down now and become normal. While it is not still a good idea to take your family on a shopping trip, you can still go yourself and pick a couple of things that are going to brighten the meals. It adds a holiday twist to your meals.

For those with a BBQ, it is time to get it out and start making burgers. If you don’t have a BBQ, then consider trying new recipes that you would normally have in the restaurant. YouTube has many cooking tutorials to use, and this is good news for the least experienced cooks. You will have the chance to whip up something you are used to in a restaurant.

Spoiling yourself with a spa treatment

It is not a must to have a fancy luxury spa with the best facilities to pamper yourself. Such things help, but you can still enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Look for quality moisturizing creams or face masks, slices of cucumber, and run a hot bath with any salts (you can ask someone to get some for you).

A bit of chocolate and a glass of wine is going to add to the experience. While this is not going to be that perfect, you are going to unwind. Your partner can give you a shoulder massage or foot rub, which is going to add to the experience.

Recreating the cinema at home

Watching a movie with your loved ones is a great experience, and this has made going to the cinema a good way to spend time with family. It is hard to go to a cinema currently, but you can create one in your home. Make tweaks to your movie night and you will have a lot of fun with your family. The first step is moving the TV closer to the sofa if possible. When you change the position of your TV, it is going to feel a little different from normal. Make some popcorn, get your favorite blanket, then get everyone snuggled up before you play the movie. There is a wide range of options to choose from, especially with streaming sites offering tens of thousands of movies and TV shows.

Switching off the tech and taking a moment

There are many ways of recreating activities you would normally do on a staycation, but a holiday is not all about what you enjoy doing. It is about loosening up and the atmosphere. One good thing you can do for yourself during this time is switching off the tech for some time.

The pandemic has forced many people to rely on their mobile phones, TVs, laptops, and other electronics to get through the day and be updated on what is happening locally and around the world. Take a break from it all so you can feel like you are traveling and still following government guidelines. Close work emails and turn off the social media feeds so you can really enjoy each other’s company. This is what a staycation is about, and you are going to feel its value when you give it a try.


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