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The gambling playing field has undergone immense change over the years and most of this has been down to the willingness of the gambling industry to adapt to advances in technology. The biggest changes occurred in the 1990s with the advent of the digital revolution. Before 1996, the avenues available to gamblers were traditional betting offices, arcades, and land-based casinos. These choices had been in place for many years but thanks to the invention of the Internet, it was inevitable that such a tech-savvy industry such as the gambling industry, would exploit an invention like the Internet to its fullest. 

Online gambling has now become the number one way in which the public prefers to pursue this pastime. Brick and mortar casinos will always be with us because they offer a unique gambling experience when compared to the live casino games version. Land-based casinos also have a rich history and some casinos around the world are now listed buildings. 

Online Slots: The Facts 

Online slots are now the most popular form of gambling in the world. Slots bring in the most gambling revenue over any other form of this entertainment. These games have also introduced millions of people to gambling and many of these new customers never considered experiencing the traditional ways of gambling for various reasons. Women have also become a large percentage of the clientele that play these games regularly. Because of the success of online gambling and more especially online slots, online slot promotions are now far more generous and frequent than those offered at land-based gambling establishments. 

Online Promotions: A Closer Look 

The bonuses available online tend to be offered to all new players. They can come in three major forms and these are free spins, 100% deposit matching cash, and no deposit cash. Sometimes elements of each bonus are combined. This means that you can get no deposit free spins or a 100% first deposit match with free spins added to the equation. 

Online casinos have more customers than land-based ones and they create far more revenue as well. This is mainly down to the fact that virtual casino software can house hundreds of slot games and there is no limit to the number of customers that can join these virtual venues. Because such limitations are absent, online casinos are far more profitable than their land-based cousins. The downside is that more often than not, punters will be confronted with clauses in these bonuses, and these include wagering requirements being imposed on bonus cash and maximum betting rules being attached to each spin when you play with complementary cash funds. 

Land-Based Casinos: A Closer Look 

Land-based casino bonuses usually consider the unique experience that is offered by a night out at a casino. Therefore, the bonuses differ and include elements such as free drinks or free meals as part of a welcome offer, or a general thank you for being a loyal customer. Brick and mortar casino customers can also use a player card scheme to collect points and to exchange these for some slot spinning action on the house.


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