Skincare Routine

There is no shortage of skincare products on the market today. Indeed, it sometimes feels like a difficult task simply to sort through the options for toners, moisturizers, cleansers, serums, and more, let alone combine them into a routine that actually protects your complexion each day.

The same could be said for many aspects of our material society. In response to this wealth of choice and goods, the minimalist movement has sprung up. While you can find a thousand definitions online, the basic concept of minimalism is living with as few possessions as you can to still maintain the lifestyle that makes you happy.

Skincare is ripe for an idea like this. Most complexions are happier and healthier when you apply fewer products. Adherents to minimalist skincare, moreover, welcome the imperfections of age and the unique characteristics that make you, you. It’s overall better for the environment, your bank account, your health, and your self-image, all in one.

Ready to craft your perfect minimal skincare routine? Let’s get started!

Steps to a Minimal Skincare Routine

So how do you get started on such a routine yourself? There are a few main steps:

  1. Cull your current products and get rid of any you don’t need, like specialty creams that only have one purpose (e.g. eyelids or lips). Find a substitution that will work for every area of your face – and often your neck, decolletage, and hands as well.
  2. Look for substitutes that do double-duty.
  3. Wherever possible, choose natural, homegrown ingredients.
  4. Substitute one current product for one new one at a time. That way, if you get a reaction, you will know what caused it. When you are happy with a new product, you can add a new one after a week or two.

Minimal skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution. So don’t go thinking you have to use the same products as everyone else. The idea is to find the few products that work for you and leave them at that.

To save money during your search, buy sample sizes. Most sellers of quality skincare goods will offer multiple volumes (for instance, the large and small sizes of Thayers witch hazel toner line). Alternatively, you can visit stores dedicated to skincare, either those that sell their own brand or those that offer a wide range. The assistants will typically offer you a variety of samples to help you decide.

While you can customize it to your heart’s content, the ultimate skincare routine should include the following four products:

1. Cleanser

Throughout the day, our skin accrues lots of buildups, oil, toxic ingredients from the environment, and plain old dirt. A good cleanser will wash away the cares of the day at night, and prepare your skin for layers of moisturizer and makeup in the morning if you wear it.

Choose one free of harsh ingredients and not tested on animals, with a gentle exfoliant you can use at every wash without hurting your skin.

2. Toner

Toner is a massively underrated product, especially considering how tried-and-true it is. Ingredients such as witch hazel have been in use for generations. 

Use toner for moisturization, skin smoothing, pore reduction, and oil management. You can apply it with your fingertips, a reusable makeup pad, or as a spray, morning and night – and anywhere you need a moisturizing boost.

3. SPF 

If you’re trying to take the low road, it’s always good to combine products where possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to blend your sunscreen and moisturizer. But freight not, because many day creams already come with SPF in them.

Make sure to choose one that is at least SPF 50, which will help you avoid sun damage  as you age, as well as prevent skin cancer.

4. Moisturizer

Never go to bed without cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face! If you prefer to use the same moisturizer day and night, that still keeps you at four products.

Others prefer to swap their moisturizer out at night for a serum that coats the skin and often adds anti-aging products, such as retinol.

Don’t Wait to Minimize Your Routine and Improve Your Skin Today!

Ready to get started on your minimalist skincare routine? Toners are an excellent place to begin, as many people have yet to integrate one into their routine. Nothing beats witch hazel toner when it comes to balancing pH, all-day hydration, and glowy, healthy-looking skin.

However, you can choose any of the above categories to start, depending on what feels right to you. Whatever approach you take, good luck on your skinimalism journey!


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