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It’s the 21st-century dream, watching your tweet, Tik-Tok, or other social media post-blow-up. However, turning that into actual money in your pocket is another challenge entirely. A single amusing line or five-second video clip doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to earn an army of ardent followers that will come back again and again (which is what advertisers want). Catching lightning in a bottle so to speak is a good start, but if you want to ‘make it rain’ for a good long time, read on to learn about some tips to maximize your returns for as long as possible.

Manage Expectations

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There will always be an element of luck in anyone’s success. No matter how much hard work you put in, and how well you understand the product or service you are promoting, being in the right place at the right time will always come into play. This definitely true when it comes to creating content for the internet because the type that moves quickest and spreads the furthest is based on what’s happening right now. 

Whether it’s a serious news story (offering a unique comment), a bit of celebrity gossip (mocking that reality TV star caught checking out racy London Escort Reviews online and on their mobiles), or a crazy ending to a sporting event (jumping up and down like a mad lad), the quicker you get your comment or video out there for the world to consume, the better. Make sure you use popular hashtags to help it get picked up in search results easier.

Of course, just putting it out there at the right time doesn’t guarantee success. You might be staring at your tweet or video and wonder why it’s not taking off and the views or re-tweet numbers aren’t shooting through the roof. You might try to figure out what you did wrong, and what you could do differently. But the answer is that you might have played your hand as good as you possibly could, and the internet viral winds just weren’t in your favour.

Don’t expect to score a winner the first time you’re on the pitch, so don’t give up completely when success doesn’t happen on the first go around. Your timely Tik-Tok might not be worth much a day or two, so if you don’t continue to make more, then the chances that this single post will eventually become popular shrinks even more.

Consider Sponsors

Consider Sponsors

Selling out isn’t even considered ‘selling out’ anymore. Having a website design or energy drink company throw you some pounds so that you do a quick post saying how good they are might have been a conflict of interest a few years back, but now it’s a good business decision. Once you do gather enough followers or members, it can be a good business decision for them as well, because a typical ‘deal’ involves you being able to offer discounts for the products. This might entail the first hundred or so people to use a certain code on the website when purchasing to get it for a lower price.

If you want to attract sponsors, consider the content your making. If you want to get the attention of sports teams or products, lean your content towards that. The same goes with video games or make-up and hair products. This will also mean that you should probably be quite positive about these items right from the start. While you might want to be more honest about what you think when these fields do the right and wrong thing, constant criticism of them might scare potential sponsors away.

Play Your Strengths

It’s easy to think about, talk about, and make content about a topic or hobby that you are naturally excited about. If you can’t wait to talk to anyone about footy, then it might be the best place to start. Even if it means having to do some work and research before turning on a camera and speaking into it – or making a post that’s 100% accurate – the fact that you are already interested means it won’t feel as much like work. 

This is doubly true when you consider a good way to expand your social media presence is to engage with others who feel the same way. Getting into Twitter conversations with other fans or making videos back and forth as a sort of dialogue can really help you create more content about something you are passionate about.

The wonderful thing about the very wide world of the internet is that no matter what your interest is, there will always be others who feel the same way. Now if your hobbies or turn-ons are rather niches, that might limit the size of the audience, but it might mean that they are doubly loyal. When it comes to sponsorships, big numbers are good, but so are return rates. If you have a dedicated fan base of a few thousand, that might be enough to make some money because advertisers know the same people will always return when you post again.

Expanding Your Empire

Just as any sort of meme only takes a moment or two to absorb and discard it (hopefully with a smile on the viewer’s face), the success that comes with it might last for the same amount of time. That’s why it’s not only important to not spend all your income right quick, and knowing that having the right sort of help can make a huge difference. If you truly do have the chance to make enough money by making regular content, try to avoid burnout by hiring other freelance creators to help you come up with ideas and develop them. While it seems strange early on that you should consider what might happen when you somehow become tired talking or making videos about this or that, everyone could use a vacation from the job that puts a roof over their heads.


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