Some pieces of clothing have a natural instinct of attitude, fanciness, and unlimited classiness in them. Leather is exactly that piece that brings the perfect unique vibe needed for a stylish masculine look. Leather can be used in various ways to upgrade a man’s fashion sense. However, nothing beats the tough-guy appeal of leather jackets and coats. 

Both of these pieces add a touch of edginess and ruggedness to your look, which can never go wrong. However, people are usually confused about what looks better out of the two. This, for sure, is a tough decision to make, considering the trendiness of both. So, to bring a little ease to your mind, we bring you the best leather jacket and coat looks together with how to style these looks. 

  1. Biker jacket

The biker jacket is a pure bad boy that is given a complete look with studs and asymmetrical zips. They usually come in color black, offering all the bike riders the level of comfort they need to lean over their bikes. This is a cool youthful style, providing the overall look with an edge to make it classy. Make sure the jacket you choose is in the right fit as Jason Schott, the CFO of Schott NYC, says getting the right fit is the key to looking good.  These jackets are usually worn with slim-fitted jeans. This can also be worn over an oxford shirt with a tie, but you need to make sure that the style cuts close to your body. 

  1. Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket was originally a flight jacket which has now become bonafide staple wear in every man’s closet. Although these jackets have a consistent shape, they are more fitted around the waist and cuffs. The central zip and the shiny, supple leather makes it as alluring as it looks. Whether you’re going to lunch with your mates or heading off to a ball game, this jacket does a great job. This is actually one of the most versatile silhouettes for a man that can be paired with different things to create a unique look. The safest pairing, however, can be to throw it over a white shirt with raw denim. It’s minimalistic but super chic. Wear a smartwatch with it, and your look upgrades to being even smarter. 

  1. Flight jacket

Flight jacket was originally created for pilots, which was such a statement of style that it was guaranteed to be taken over by civilians. It’s bulky and with a lining of warmth, making it an ideal piece for both the countrymen and airmen. Due to its heavyweight, you’ll have to be careful while pairing it as it will require a bit of balancing. Pair it with a t-shirt and trousers to keep it nice, practical, and toasty. You can also try it without a sheepskin collar to give it a more basic look. Make sure to keep it contemporary and not overboard it with multiple layers. 

  1. Faux leather jackets 

Faux leather jackets radiate a full-on rockstar vibe. Faux leather jackets come with a very thin line between going cheap or shiny. To save yourself from the agony, it’s better to buy it in stores to see if it really looks good on you instead of filling your cart online. These jackets, unfortunately, do not have durable leather, which is also thinner, but if all you’re looking for is sometimes different and stylish, then it’s a great jacket. It gives a pretty slimmer fit than the thick leather, which might be great for your body. 

  1. Leather trench coat

When it comes to men’s leather coats, you can’t keep a trench coat out of it. It isn’t super comfortable but exceptionally cool. Trench coats come with a front-closure button, and some also have a belt attached to the waist to give a better fit. These coats are available in single-breasted and double-breasted styles, so choose whichever you prefer. Pair these up with a formal dress shirt and pants for an office look or a casual tee and jeans for party wear, and you’d rock in all. The best part about these coats is that it’s best for cold and rainy weathers. 

  1. Tortilla leather coat

If you are looking for something that renders a more luxurious touch to your outfit, this tortilla leather coat does a great job. Its details of embellishments, tassels on the shoulders, and front button closure make it an epitome of glory. It gives off a tribal feel with an exquisite design which makes it a perfect attire for an occasion that is a little extra. The heavily designed coat needs all the attention of all the eyeballs around you, so pair it up minimally with a pair of pants to keep it the highlight of your dress. Carry it with a little bit of poise, and you’ll look expensive.. 

  1. Plain leather coat 

For a men’s leather coat, you might feel like the most essential factor is sophistication, and in that case, a plain leather coat is your best choice. Select a dark color with an elegant fit to enhance the overall coolness of your look. Leather coats can be zipped up or have front button closure with pockets to add a nice touch. These buttery leather coats synchronize warmth with a style that makes these coats so desirable. You can style these up formally for office wear or wear them casually for a friend’s night out. No matter how you wear it, it is guaranteed to steal the show. 


While the coats and jackets have a tough game going on about what looks better, it’s mostly about your sense of style and your way of carrying it—the entire look of a dress changes from how you decide to pair it up. Choosing the right clothing to throw it over and flaunting all your confidence and attitude is the key to look good. Considering the touch trendiness that these pieces radiate, none of the two can go out of style. When you decide to throw up a jacket or coat, make sure you’re one hundred percent comfortable in what you’re wearing because if you’re not, it’ll show. And after this, even a killer outfit can kill the entire vibe of it. 


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