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All businesses are well aware of the fact that Instagram is a powerful and versatile digital marketing platform that helps build brand awareness and boost social engagement. You cannot undermine the SEO benefits your Instagram Business account will enjoy in the long run if SEO is done right on Instagram. According to HubSpot, Instagram has an in-built search function that operates like mini-Google. It pays to brush up your SEO skills for Instagram as proper Search Engine Optimization of your Instagram account will help in boosting your reach, engagement, and above all discoverability. Moreover, the best thing is that several of the SEO techniques you implement for optimizing your websites could also, be applied to Instagram SEO for improving your profile’s visibility. 

SEO is a robust and powerful tool for boosting your overall website traffic. However, you cannot overlook the fact that Instagram is also seeking more attention and visibility among the top SERP rankings. However, very few marketers and entrepreneurs dedicate the necessary time and hard work towards optimizing their Instagram Business accounts. 

However, you should realize that SEO is very much applicable to Instagram, and optimization techniques seem to be immensely beneficial as they can help promote an Instagram account, gain more followers, boost engagement rate, and even enhance sales. Moreover, you can buy more followers by seeking the services of a trustworthy digital marketing agency.

Instagram is just right for search engine optimization. It functions as a mini search engine hence, SEO is pretty much valid on this powerful social media platform. Well-optimized pages seem to get higher rankings on the SERP and are visible to a much broader audience. They are known to grab the attention of active fans and followers. They are instrumental in driving engagement and improving page trust scores. This could culminate in achieving an even higher ranking.

Even though Instagram SEO seems simple and uncomplicated, some marketers and entrepreneurs often end up making some common blunders while optimizing an Instagram profile. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid. 

Mistake: Posting Inconsistent & Low-Quality Feed

Just because you are new to Instagram, it does not mean you can share all your visual activities with everyone. As far as B2B digital marketing is concerned, avoid posting things nor relevant to your business. Consistency and professional attitude are important and key to future success. For achieving consistency, you should be smart and focus on investing your time and energy in Instagram SEO. 

Interact and build a robust relationship with some fantastic B2B marketing influencers and see what they share and incorporate them into your feed. Consider using smart Instagram SEO tools. It is a better idea to seek assistance and practice instead of posting irrelevant stuff mindlessly.

Mistake: Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Just because you are allowed to post around 30 hashtags with each photo, you should not make the mistake of going overboard and using irrelevant hashtags. You need to be judicious in your approach. Instagram SEO could be slightly tricky as it has different algorithms from any other social media channel.

Suppose you are involved in marketing a beauty & aesthetics brand on Instagram, you should abstain from adding inappropriate hashtags that are not relevant to your niche. Focus on using hashtags that are perfectly related and relevant to the beauty industry. You may interact with others in your niche to learn more about relevant hashtag usage and more effective B2B optimization techniques.

Mistake: Having a Vague Instagram Username

The name of your business seems to be critical and serves a great purpose. Focus your attention on creating a username that can convey a vivid brand image or clear brand personality. Seeing your username, users must get a clear idea of what your brand or business is all about. 

Your username helps in making things more convenient and easy for your target audience while they try reaching out to you. For example, if you have a skincare product wholesaling business with a username that has no relevance to your business then you may end up losing all your potential customers as they may fail to relate to your brand. Your Instagram username should define your precise business. 

Mistake: Not Using the New Alt Text Feature

Not bothering to use the new Alt Text feature could be a grave mistake. If you are a B2B marketer looking to optimize your Instagram, this could be a costly mistake. The alt Text feature is excellent for Instagram optimization. It helps to broaden your overall audience. Thanks to it now an impressive number of visually impaired users can have access to your Instagram posts. All your Instagram photos should have Alt text written just below the accessibility section. It will help people find you while looking for internationally recognized companies or brands.

Mistake: Not Incorporating Keywords into Bio

Instagram optimization necessitates the incorporation of specific keywords in your Instagram Business Account’s Bio. It is a valuable Instagram SEO stratagem. Remember to add a few keywords in your Insta Bio for optimizing your Instagram account. However, it does not imply that you will go overboard and add an overdose of keywords. It may end up compromising readability and making the entire exercise futile. If you are adept at incorporating valued keywords into your Bio, your followers will easily identify and spot you on Instagram. Remember Instagram optimization is a must for winning a competitive edge over others in terms of B2B marketing. Add keywords that seem robust and professionally relevant to your niche for aiding you in getting a higher ranking and more visibility in the SERP. Browse through IIgers for professional digital marketing assistance.

Mistake: Not Bothering to Create a Cohesive Instagram Page

One of Instagram’s best practices is to generate a cohesive feed. All posts on Instagram must necessarily be logical from the perspectives of timing, captions, hashtags, and visual concept. You cannot achieve a cohesive Insta post magically overnight. You must focus your thoughts on the relevance and importance of tags, caption, posting frequency, and the entire grid layout style. You may consider using cutting-edge tools like Combin Scheduler for seamless content planning. To fulfill your objectives, you should keep publishing as frequently as possible. Maintaining consistency in quality and frequency of posts could prove to be pivotal to successful Instagram search optimization efforts.


Search engine optimization is integral to Instagram’s success as a social media platform. Remember Instagram SEO is not an effortless process especially for newbies. Avoid the mistakes discussed above and choose the perfect Instagram optimization techniques for grand success. 


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