Transporting the Boat to Croatia by Car

If you’re going to take a yacht charter anywhere, Croatia is a perfect place to do it. Whether years or decades after your holiday is over, one thing that’ll probably be clear in your mind is the Adriatic’s gorgeous sparkling clarity.

There’s no more breath-taking way to enjoy those yawning sapphire and turquoise waves than aboard a comfy sailing catamaran or yacht. This also provides you with an excellent view of the craggy mountains, walled traditional towns of the coast and lush forests during your yacht charter Croatia vacation.

Croatia provides two options when it comes to yacht charter vacations, which include transporting your boat and using a rental. Each of these options comes with its disadvantages and advantages. While you can transport your boat, a rental option has always proven to be the best choice for many travellers with or without a captain’s licence.

Want to discover why it’s a perfect option and some of its cons? Keep reading to discover more about the boat holiday options available, including their pros and cons.

Using a Rental Boat

Renting a boat means the short-term rental of private smaller or personal boats, typically available by the hour or day. The most common rental boats involve inflatable power boats and faster motor boats. When renting a boat, you can rent it with or without a captain. You can only rent the boat itself if you have a captain’s licence.

That means you become a captain and are responsible for creating your experience and collecting your own team. When you only rent a boat, you’ll bring the equipment you need for a memorable trip.

What’s a Boat Charter?

A boat charter is a popular choice for travellers who want to enjoy sailing the Adriatic Sea for a week, several weeks, and a month or longer without the costs or responsibilities of owning one.

The main benefit of a boat charter is that it allows you to explore exciting and new destinations, with the extra advantage of customising your schedule to blend smoothly with your preferences. On top of that, boat charters allow you to pick the boat type you want, from motor and sailboats to catamarans.

Types of Boat Charters

Three types of boat charters are available: crewed charter, cabin charter and bareboat. A bareboat charter involves a rental agreement where you’re responsible for everything, including preparing meals and navigating the boat.

This charter type is a perfect option for experienced sailors looking to have full control over their adventure. You must have the required experience and qualifications to be able to charter a boat.

If you want to experience sailing beauty without the necessary experience or qualifications, a cabin charter is a perfect option for you. A cabin charter allows you to rent a cabin on a huge boat that a professional crew operates. You’ll have the advantage of meeting new friends while at the same time enjoying the open sea beauty.

A crewed charter offers the ultimate luxury sailing experience. It allows renting a yacht with an experienced crew, including a chef, captain and other members. If you love sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the attractive scenery without worrying about any sailing responsibilities, a crewed charter is for you.

Pros and Cons of Using a Rental Boat


  • A rental boat with a professional crew offers much-needed expertise and knowledge
  • A rental boat with an experienced crew brings higher levels of attention and professionalism that make all the difference
  • A rental boat with an experienced crew creates a truly pampering and luxurious experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy
  • A rental boat provides stress-free holidays


Most of these cones originate from renting a boat without an experienced crew. You can avoid them by renting a boat with a professional team.

  • Renting a boat comes with additional expenses, and strict terms and conditions
  • Unfamiliarity with the boat, which requires some time to become familiar
  • Responsibility for any mishaps

Transporting a Boat

Transporting a boat means travelling together with your own. It means you own a boat and decide to transport it to Croatia through any suitable means. Transporting a boat comes with some benefits as well as disadvantages, which include the following:


  • You’ll avoid the strict terms and conditions that rental boats come with
  • You have more freedom and flexibility
  • You have the freedom to explore and see more places
  • You have more privacy and comfort


  • You might experience boat problems requiring you to look for professional help, which can be costly
  • It can feel long and exhausting, preventing you from enjoying your boat tour in Croatia
  • Sailing with your own boat can prove to be costly
  • There’s the risk of theft since you’re in a foreign place

Final Thoughts

Overall, boat charters and rentals are a perfect way to experience sailing beauty without the extra costs and responsibilities of owning a boat.

Whether you choose a crewed charter, cabin charter or bareboat charter, you’ll have the chance to explore new destinations, make great memories and meet new people during your yacht charter Croatia vacation.


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