Is Crystal Sun Slot Game the New Starburst

There will always be some games that remain seminal pieces of history that can never be toppled, but eventually, another hit comes along that has the benefit of development and completely blows the original clean out of the water – play Luck of the Irish.

In this instance, we look to two belters of slot games: Crystal Sun and Starburst. Some argue that the classic slot game, Crystal Sun, has been overtaken by its newer counterpart, Starburst. Just like how Pong was overtaken by Space Invaders, and then Mario, and then the very modern games that we see now; has Crystal Sun replaced Starburst because of how much better it is or because of the ways in which technology simply develops and improves over time?

What are the Similarities Between the Slot Games: Crystal Sun and Starburst?

It is no secret that online slot games can be very similar to one another, they seem to always share the same amount of paylines and slot reels and very often also share themes and bonuses.

This is no exception to Crystal Sun and Starburst, so take a look at these similarities and let us see what you think!

1.       Themes – Both Starburst and Crystal Sun adhere to the very popular slot theme of outer space. This is no bad thing as many other slot games also follow the futuristic intergalactic themes, but the resemblance with these two can, at times, be very uncanny.

2.       Mechanics – Now, this may be a little bit of a cheat as most slot games follow the same formats. This is both because of strict regulations but also because of the ease of play for gamers around the world to understand. The mechanics, in the game, do give players great chances at scoring bonuses and jackpots, so if you are on the fence then definitely check them both out to win heaps of cash!

3.       Bonuses – Speaking of bonuses, we ought to mention some eerily similar bonuses that both Starburst and Crystal Sun contain. Both have multipliers of 3x and 9x which come up at the same rate to each other in both games. This is no bad thing because whichever you play, you will be getting astonishing multipliers!

How are Crystal Sun and Starburst Different?

Some of you out there reading this will be thinking that Starburst has completely ripped off Crystal Sun. But for every similarity they hold, several differences set them apart:

1.       Themes – As expected with technology’s development, Starburst has a more modern look to it, whereas Crystal Sun goes for the more retro-futuristic aesthetic.

2.       Mechanics – While they have both adopted those crucial 3x and 9x multipliers, Starburst has many funky tokens and intergalactic bonuses that are not seen in Crystal Sun.

3.       Volatility – If you want to live fast and die young then hit up the original, Crystal Sun, to see high octane and high volatility games where you bet big to win big. Starburst contains more modest prizes but at a higher win rate.

The results are in, it is now time for you to decide!


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