How to Keep Your Mind Clear

Information overload, cataclysms of all kinds, an unstable political environment, and a tremendous amount of stress are just a few characteristics of modern life. It’s no wonder that people get overtaken by forgetfulness, sluggish thinking, negative cognitive abilities changes, and even obfuscation and dementia so early. You need to know what to do to keep the mind clear and active throughout life. We’re going to talk about next – here are 15 great ways to keep your mind clear, and as a bonus to this article, we give you access to the PaperHelp discount code.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Despite the banality of this recommendation, it’s vital because in order not to cloud your mind in the future, you need to take preventive measures today. There are no secrets – avoid smoking, alcohol abuse, and other bad habits, exercise, watch your blood sugar and blood pressure, have a medical check-up every year, be selective about what you eat, and try to get more positive emotions out of life.


Exercise is essential for keeping your body in great shape. But they have another benefit: when a person does intensive movements, it improves blood circulation in muscles and the brain, thanks to which their capacity for work increases. Practices like yoga, tensegrity, and qigong are also beneficial for the body’s overall condition. But do not forget that the training of the body should be accompanied by the activity of the mind – a comprehensive and harmonious development will allow your mind to be always in the clear.

Drink water

A lot of exciting things you can learn about the benefits of water from this paperhelp article, but we still remind you that drinking water in the morning is much more helpful than drinking coffee. According to numerous studies, if you drink a glass immediately after awakening, the state of alertness will accompany you much longer. In addition, if you drink water on an empty stomach, it improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses blood vessels, and removes toxins from the body. And it means that the brain can get less harmful substances with the blood.

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Breathe fresh air

To keep the brain active and the mind clear and sharp, you need to be outdoors more often. But to be limited to five minutes during the lunch break, in any case, can not be – this is no walk. To have an effect and benefit, you need to take at least two walks a day for half an hour. And even better at least once every two weeks to go out of town or into nature, where the air is much cleaner than in the city. Besides all this, it’s a great way to relax, unwind, distract from worries and normalize their emotional and mental state.

Get enough sleep

Another common truth – to feel good for as long as possible, you should always sleep well. The fact is that during sleep, the human body produces a particular hormone called melatonin, which promotes rest and prevents premature aging. It is considered the most potent natural antioxidant and immunomodulator because it fights free radicals – harmful molecules destroying tissues, cells, and genes and causing serious illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Use all your senses

Using all five senses is a way to live fully and an effective method of preventing a host of aging diseases and disorders. Try to perceive more colors, listen to more sounds, recognize more smells, taste more tastes and touch more objects in the world around you. To do this, concentrate on what you are doing at the moment and focus on the phenomena that accompany your life.

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Look for the positive

Many experts, including psychologists, recommend developing positive thinking and optimism. When a person is comfortable, and there is nowhere to rush, any work he does is much easier and more efficient in calm conditions. However, such situations in our lives – a great rarity, but we need to be able to see all the positive side, the impetus for the development and lessons of life, of which the experience and wisdom. In addition, all of this will reflect favorably on your results in life.

Solve puzzles

Such beautiful things like word games and rebuses, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, scandals, logic games, and puzzles – this is not at all a way to pass the time, but a real brain training (this, in principle, can include all sorts of courses to develop thinking, such as this one). First, solving them prevents premature aging of brain cells, and second, it helps restore thinking abilities if they have been damaged. So don’t think that an hour of “racking your brain” is a waste of time.

Play chess

Chess has long been recognized as the perfect brain training. Playing it, one develops strategic thinking, creativity, memory, and the ability to improvise. Note that the brain’s elasticity depends on the behavior of unique neural processes called dendrites, which are responsible for transmitting nerve impulses to this organ. Whenever a person plays chess, he modifies his brain because many of these very dendrites are involved in this process. Doctors will likely prescribe diet and exercise shortly and a game of chess to maintain mental clarity.

Watch TV carefully

What is meant here is not overseeing TV in the direct sense of the word, but selectively, i.e., paying attention to what you’re watching. We are already familiar with the fact that TV is a real “zombie,” clogging the memory and dumbing down the brain. But this is true only when people watch whatever they want, indiscriminately and for long hours. Suppose you choose the programs wisely, look for educational and developmental programs. In that case, the brain will work effectively, and at the same time, it will accumulate new knowledge and develop intellect.

Use the Internet

Everyone knows that the Internet is a treasure trove of information on absolutely any topic. It’s essential to be able to use it correctly and purposefully. For this reason, and need to search for the right and exciting data on the web, rather than idle browsing “videos” and chattering with online chatters “from nothing to nothing. But most interesting is that the search of the World Wide Web for the necessary information loads the human brain more than reading books, and therefore it trains it very well.

Eat right

You’ve probably heard that the brain’s food is glucose. But do not think that to train the brain and develop thinking, you need to eat tons of sweets. On the contrary – the most correct and faithful way to a good memory and a clear mind for many years is the usual healthy diet, with fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, walnuts, foods that contain protein, fiber, and many other nutrients. However, you can read more about healthy eating and alternative nutritional concepts here and here.

Use herbs

Besides the official, so-called traditional and folk medicine, the secrets of longevity and mental clarity should be sought. An incredible number of herbal remedies improve cognitive abilities, increase stress resistance, improve concentration, and develop intelligence. And all of them are completely harmless and even useful for the body as a whole. Ginseng, ginkgo, rosemary, immortelle, mint, and others are good examples.

Learn new things

The brain and mind, like muscles, can eventually “sag” and turn into a “piece of meat” if not given the proper attention and load. Even the most powerful intellect, idle for a long time, can become dull. To avoid such a turn of events, provide yourself with a regular flow of new information – gain new knowledge, master unfamiliar skills, etc. Just 15 minutes of exercise every day will protect your mind from degradation better than the most potent drugs and medications (why we advise you to develop thinking).


It sounds unusual enough, but meditation can prevent negative age-related brain changes. If you do this practice regularly, the most potent positive effects will be on the structures that interact with information processing and attention. Even studies through MRI scans have shown that meditation changes the physical structure of the human brain, thus counteracting the destruction of neural connectivity.


These are simple ways to keep your mind clear, friends. Use them for your health, and at any age, you will always be able to think clearly, remember everything, and perceive yourself and the wonderful world around you adequately!


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