how to hire a great virtual marketing assistant

Marketing strategies are at the core of the success of any company whose revenue is heavily dependent on new sales. At Pearl Lemon Outsourcing we take this at heart and provide you with the best solutions. 

Taking on a full-time marketing manager is an expensive proposition for most business owners, even though they recognize the need for in-house marketing. 

Because of this, outbound marketing proposals often get buried as nice-to-haves or as projects that can be tackled in the future.

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant is a cost-effective way of saving money while  providing your marketing team with much-needed assistance. 

They work with a wide range of businesses and have years of market experience, such as creating email campaigns, generating promotional materials, and handling lead generation.

1) View the portfolio and read the reviews of former and current clients.

In terms of engaging experienced and reliable marketing support, freelance websites such as UpWork often fail to deliver. 

Contact companies that provide virtual marketing assistants for remote work. When a firm’s reputation is positive, you know that it can provide you with what you need.

2) Request a cover letter and resume from virtual assistants who apply for positions.

A candidate should not be considered if he/she does not supply both documents. In addition to showing you how an applicant’s experience can benefit you, a resume and cover letter will tell you how well he or she follows guidelines and presents information.

3) Schedule a time for the remote marketing candidate to interview, and prepare questions to ask.

Several of these questions should focus on how the applicant has experience working remotely. Additionally, you should ask your remote marketing candidates about their ideal work day, projects they have actively participated in, as well as their greatest achievements.

4) Create an assessment of the test.

It is a classic test to determine a marketing assistant’s creativity and experience to have them develop an online marketing campaign and estimate KPIs. This will allow your applicant to shine and demonstrate their ability to work independently without being micromanaged.

5) Find out which clients and projects your candidate has previously worked on.

There should be a brief available for each professional virtual marketing assistant, detailing completed projects, key performance indicators, and recommendations.

6) Learn the source of motivation of your applicant.

You can expect them to stick with you and your project if he or she is invested in your business.

7) Determine how well the person can manage his or her situation on their own.

A remote employee who has serious issues with commitments, timelines, and time management should not be hired if there is a risk of problems with these areas.

8) Find out what motivates your applicant to work in marketing, as well as what made him/her interested in the field in the first place.

The chances of people succeeding are higher if they enjoy what they do. Applicants who can demonstrate how passionate they are about marketing will be a good fit for your company.

A virtual assistant is capable of performing a number of tasks 

The tasks you would assign to an assistant in your office can also be assigned to the virtual assistant, which is no different from what you would assign to an assistant in your local market. For example:

  • Returning emails and telephone calls.
  • Meeting schedules.
  • Travel and accommodation booking.
  • Keeping track of contacts.
  • Keeping online records of customers and preparing spreadsheets for them.

Moreover, keep in mind that you can request specific knowledge of a certain field from your virtual assistant.


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