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One of the biggest reasons why millions of people have switched from smoking to vaping is because vape gear is so much cheaper than cigarettes. It’s still possible for your vaping expenses to spiral out of control, though, if you’re the type of person who craves variety. Maybe you find it impossible to resist trying all of the fancy new devices that companies are always releasing, or perhaps you simply love trying new vape juice flavors every time you stock up. After all, surveys have shown fairly that e-liquid flavor variety correlates with a higher chance of success if you’re using vaping to help yourself quit smoking.

If you vape, it’s possible to enjoy plenty of flavor variety without spending as much money as you would have spent on tobacco. There are many opportunities to save money on vape gear, and one of those is by finding the best vape juice coupons. In this article, we’ll explain how to do it.

Use Our Resources to Save Money on Vape Juice

The best way to find the best vape juice coupons is by using the resources available right here at CouponToaster. On this site, we have an extensive number of verified coupons that can help you save money on every Vape Juice purchase. Just enter one of those coupon codes when completing your purchase, and you’re all set.

Best Vape Juice Coupon & Discounts

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Join Your Favorite Vape Shops’ Mailing Lists/Newsletter Signup

The next way to find the best vape juice coupons is by making sure that you’re subscribed to all of your favorite vape shops’ mailing lists. Sometimes, a vape shop will add you to its mailing list automatically when you make your first purchase. Other times, you’ll have to subscribe manually. If you’ve never received a promotional newsletter from a particular vape shop that you’ve patronized before, you should check the website for a signup form because mailing list subscribers are always the first people to find out about new coupon codes and sales.

When You Buy Vape Juice, Look for a Coupon in the Package

When you buy vape juice, do you typically tear the package open, take out the bottles and throw away the rest without really looking at it? If you do, you might want to take a closer look because it’s not uncommon for online vape shops to include coupon codes with their shipments. That’s particularly true for first-time buyers because it helps to encourage repeat business. If you buy from the same vape shop twice, there’s a good chance that you’ll remain a customer for a long time – especially if you’re also accruing points in the company’s reward program.

If a vape shop includes coupon codes with its shipments, there’s a good chance that it’ll be an individualized code intended only for you. In this case, you won’t be able to find the same code online – so it pays to look at everything in the box when you buy vape juice online.

Shop Intelligently When You Buy Vape Gear

One important thing to remember when you shop for vape gear is that buying the latest and greatest products often isn’t a very effective way to keep your costs down. It’s also rarely necessary. If you look at the specifications of a vaping device that’s just been released and compare them to the specifications of a device released a year or so ago, you’ll find that they aren’t really all that different. In many ways, in fact, the state of the art in vaping hardware has remained more or less the same for several years. All that’s really changed are the designs of the devices, which are continually updated to keep up with the latest fashions. If you buy a device that’s a little older, you’ll have virtually the same experience as you would with a newer device – but you’ll probably spend significantly less.

So, you can save money on vape gear by buying products that others consider obsolete – but can you do the same when you buy e-liquid? In a way, you actually can. If you check the clearance area at your favorite vape shop’s website, you’ll often find vape juice at well below the normal price. 

Vape juice can appear in a vape shop’s clearance section for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is because the product is nearing its best-by date. A bottle of vape juice usually has a date printed on the label, and the date is usually roughly a year from when the bottle was made. Once a bottle of e-liquid is a year old, its flavor might not be quite as good as it was when the bottle was new. It’s definitely still good enough to use, though, and you can save a lot of money by buying it.

E-liquid can also go on clearance because the producer has made a change to the product or because the producer is actually going out of business. In both of those cases, you might get a great deal on vape juice that’s not even close to its expiration date. You may not see that same product again in the future, though, so enjoy the deal while it lasts.

Always Buy in Bulk When You Shop for Vape Gear

The last great way to save money when you buy vape online is by spacing your purchases out a bit more and buying more at a time. Are you the type of person who typically orders vape juice once a week? Maybe you usually buy a few bottles of vape juice and a box of coils or pods, and that tides you over until the following week. 

Buying vape juice every week might make perfect sense to you as a former smoker because that’s probably the same way you used to buy cigarettes. The problem with buying this way, though, is that you’re probably paying shipping fees every time. The average shipping charge for a typical order of vape juice might be as much as $10, which means that it could inflate your cost by as much as 10-20 percent. Instead, try stocking up on vape juice once per month. The best vape shops will often waive the shipping charges for large orders – and avoiding those extra costs can potentially help you save more money than you would have saved with any vape juice coupon.


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