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Samurai swords are getting famous every day due to the increasing spot of martial arts and anime in the mainstream media. Many people around the globe are buying samurai swords. Every samurai sword has its own unique style and advantage. Some katana are exceptional for decorative or collection reasons, while others are famous for fighting weapons. The selection process for katana can be made easy by focusing on the construction and performance of the piece. You can find the best katana for sale in Canada by following the below-mentioned ways. 

Quality of Katana 

It is ideal to examine the blade before purchasing the katana in-store or online. The blade should be made up of high-quality material such as carbon steel or aluminum. Katana must be lightweight. Examine the handle and guard of the katana carefully. The material determines the longevity of the katana. Materials possess properties that are required during the forging process. The steel type used in the katana determines its qualities as per the intended use and the price. The 5160 spring steel katana for sale in Canada has various similar properties to the 5160 steel, but a few qualities are acquired through the forging process while making the katana.

Sword of the samurai. Medieval Japanese weapons. Sword of the samurai. Medieval Japanese weapons.

Size of the Katana

The standard size of the samurai sword is around 40 inches.  However, some schools around the globe may suggest a certain length of the katana for practical training. Following are the standard size of various types of katana: 

  • Tanto: 8-10 inches 
  • Wakizashi: 29 inches 
  • Shoto: 36 inches
  • Daito: 40 inches 

The size mentioned above is the overall size of the sword. Several times in the description of the selected product, you can find the length of the blade listed too. Traditionally, the size of the blade is around 27-29 inches. 

Where to Find the Best Katana

Following are the places in Canada where you can find High quality katanas for sale in Canada


Romanceofmen is considered one of the most reliable sellers of katanas in Canada. They have a wide range of authentic katana in their stock. You can also customize your own Katana in their website where hundred of options are available.

Reliks Swords, Knives, & Collectibles 

Reliks is a store situated in Canada. They have various functional swords, hand-forged by professional sword smiths worldwide. They offer entry-level martial arts katana to elite katana for the practical purpose at quality prices.   Their store is located at 840 Dulaney Dr. London, ON. 

Rules & Regulations for Owing a Katana

The “sword” is not listed as a prohibited weapon in Canada. You can easily walk into the store in Canada and buy a katana. You can carry a sword as a tool. However, Canadian laws do not allow citizens to use katana for “self-defense.”

License to Own a Sword

Generally, swords, tanto knives, and katana do not fall under the category of the Weapon Prohibition Act 1998. Anyone living in Canada can own a katana without a license. However, you might need permission before importing a katana from Canada. 


People buy swords for many reasons, a few are looking for practical training, and for some, it is only a decorative piece. Before purchasing a katana, search in local stores in your city. 


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