chat bots to increase sales

Now is the time of nanotechnology, when people use all kinds of resources, services, and tools in their business to automate processes and raise conversion. Some entrepreneurs build trust with social proof and publish testimonials, share successful cases or buy Instagram followers. Others focus on delivering maximum value and implement lead magnets. A chat bot is another marketing and sales method that ensure effective interaction with consumers through fast and convenient channels of communication.

Why do businesses need a chat bot?

A chat bot is software that allows you to dialog with users according to a programmed script and eliminates the need for personal involvement. This tool is designed to automate business processes and is integrated into any social network. Today, many entrepreneurs don’t waste time on attracting the initial audience but buy real Instagram followers, do not dive into the process of setting up targeted advertising, but delegate tasks to specialists. Chat bots are a necessary tool for businesses with a large number of negotiations, that help to automate communication with clients and scale sales.

Businesses need a chat bot

Depending on the business goals, the bot can be configured to solve a variety of situations. It  replaces consultants and can personally answer user questions, offer options for solving the concrete situation and guide the client from the first meeting to the purchase. With the help of chat bots, you can stir up interest at all stages of the sales funnel: send a series of messages about upcoming events, remind about promotions, offer a profitable second purchase, etc. Chat bots process analytics and data, identify clients’ needs and segment the audience.

More often, communication takes place with messengers, so the speed of responses becomes very important for customers.  Chat bots help to increase audience satisfaction through quick and relevant responses, keep potential customers highly engaged, and prevent them from going to competitors. What’s more, chat bots provide 24/7 service and allow businesses to stay in touch with consumers without interruptions, holidays, or vacations. Quality customer service becomes a new trust factor, and chat bots are a good tool to engage and keep the customer’s attention. 

How to integrate a chat bot into your project?

To implement a chat bot, you need to formulate goals and determine the tasks that need to be solved. For example, you look for ways to scale sales, think about improving your marketing activities or reducing advertising costs, your customers ask the same type of questions, etc. 

You can create a chat bot with the help of a constructor or hire a development team. The choice will depend on the type of chat bot, your business needs, budget, and time. Creating a chat bot for marketing, sales, and lead generation is faster and easier with constructors or platforms. These systems already have all the necessary functionality, and allow you to launch the project in a short time. If you need a complex bot with non-standard integration, it is recommended to contact the developers.

Integrate a chat bot into your project?

To create the personality of a chat bot, determine its communication style and the structure of the dialog, you need to know your audience well. To do this, analyze what problems your customers most often face, study your clients’ questions on the social networks, and check out web analytics. This information will help you understand the needs and goals of your target audience, collect questions and objections, understand the barriers and emotions with which potential customers come into contact with your business. 

Design the structure of the chat bot, so that users solve their problems by going through the scripts. A chat bot for business should provide quality and accurate answers, and messages should look lively and natural. Make your dialog maximum interactive and personalized. 

Before you scale and apply the chat bot to all customers, test the prototype. The more people you can involve in testing, the more data you will get to improve your chat bot.

To sum up, chat bots are a full-featured marketing tool that helps reduce the distance between businesses and customers and boosts sales. Implementation of this instrument will help to automate routine business processes, ensure efficient interaction with customers and increase audience loyalty. Remember that what is a rising trend today will tomorrow become a necessity and indispensable tool for effective competition.


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