How to Design Home Interior

The show home you come up with will significantly impact the success of your real estate development, and if you are tasked with creating something original and unique and, of course, appealing, it could be a big challenge indeed. But fear not – it’s entirely possible to create and design the best show home you can possibly offer to prospective property buyers, and a little knowledge goes a long way. But what should you remember and consider when it comes to the latest interior design trends to make your show home as spectacular and attractive as can be? Here’s how you can design and create it right. 

  • Take advantage of a country theme 

One great idea for your show home would be a country theme, which everyone can relate to, especially now that people are eager to find comfort and nostalgia in their homes and abodes. The concept of a cottage ambience is very appealing to many individuals nowadays, and it could be both simple yet glamorous as well. You can, for example, opt for vintage accessories and even cutlery on your dining table, and don’t forget to utilise pretty checks and ginghams for that authentic country-style look. Muted, subtle palettes are the key to this theme, and pastels go wonderfully as well.

  • Make it warm and tropical 

Many of us are yearning to go to the sea or spend time under the warm sun, and you can make your potential buyers feel relaxed and at ease by making your show home exude warmth with a tropical ambience. Showhome interiors with a touch of bright tropical colours combined with monotone hues and soft yellow can soothe your buyers. If you want to make it even more special, you can opt for digital prints that showcase lush greenery and flowers, palm trees, and the sea, of course. It doesn’t have to be gaudy, either – with the right combination of bold colours and neutral hues; you can make it work for your show home. 

  • Show off vintage style and chic 

Showhome interior design specialists will readily confirm that vintage style is all the rage, including retro, antique, salvaged, and repurposed pieces and furniture. But there’s a trick to this as well: it’s not about reproducing every single thing in the home to accentuate your vintage theme – it’s about incorporating a few subtle but strong pieces and elements that can produce a cohesive and vibrant vintage mood and ambience. So make sure you do some layering and build it up instead of “screaming” it from the rooftops with your design elements. One tip is to use rich and luxurious fabrics combined with statement lamps and other lighting fixtures to give it a modern vibe.

  • Warm it up with the right colours

Most everyone is getting ready for winter, and it’s the perfect time to get as cosy as possible. If you want your show home to stand out this season (and even during the summer), make use of warm colours that can truly liven up the space and make it feel cosy and welcoming. You can use bright, electric blue and burnt orange colours, as these colours go very well with other colours such as navy and grey. 


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