Bitcoin Roulette Chips

Roulette has been around for a very long time. Its likeness was still in ancient Rome. Today, roulette is a spinning wheel that has 36 numbered and alternating red and black sectors. There are also 37 more green zero sectors. During the game, gamblers make bets, trying to guess in which of the sectors the ball will stop. Today, virtual roulette is popular. There are several varieties of it, including a variation that is played with Bitcoin.

Basic Rules of Bitcoin Roulette

A new inventionBitcoin casino roulette — is represented by several dozen types. Each type has its nuances. However, the main points for all varieties of the game are the same since all types were invented based on the American and European versions. These rules include:

  • The American version has 38 sectors, while the European version has 37. In the American form, in addition to the usual numbers 1-37, there is a Double Zero sector.
  • All cells are numbered. From numbers 1 to 36, sectors are colored in alternating red and black.
  • The “Zero” and “Double Zero” sectors are colored green. For the convenience of making bets, European roulette in an online casino is divided into 3 conditional sectors.
  • To get a prize, the user needs to guess in which cell the ball will stop. If the player guesses it, then the money will be transferred to their account.
  • Gamblers can guess the number and color. If the number is guessed, the payout will be higher.
  • The amount of the prize depends on the probability of guessing. The lower it is, the greater the gain.

Before playing in an online casino for real money, it is crucial to read the rules attentively. In this case, the gameplay will be much easier. Only after fully mastering all the nuances can you start playing for money. Otherwise, you will have to put up with losses.

How to Get Free Roulette Chips?

Each institution offers its conditions for receiving free chips. However, in most cases, the conditions for obtaining are as follows:

  • Registration. Welcome bonuses are always available to new users in online casinos, among which there may be free roulette chips. However, they usually have a wager.
  • Account verification. To do this, you need to confirm your email and enter your account using the link. Chips are automatically credited to the bonus account. Please note that you do not need to make a deposit for this, which is very convenient for beginners.
  • Special offers. Users can take part in weekly quizzes, thereby earning some chips for a relaxing and enjoyable game.
  • Deposit. You can also get free chips for replenishing your account at an online casino. All accrued chips must be wagered.
  • Rakeback. If you play for a long time, the gambling establishment can return part of the lost funds in the form of chips as a reward.

Use Strategies

The Martingale system is perhaps the most common. Its essence is to double the bet after each loss. Thus, the gamer not only returns the previously lost funds but also earns a small profit. The main condition when working with this scheme is to bet only on red-black, even-odd, or 0-18/19-36. However, there are other strategies as well.

When choosing a strategy, remember that none of them gives 100% guarantees, although each is capable of making a profit under specific conditions. The main task of the system is to help the gamer regulate the amount and time they can spend in online roulette.

Most online gambling establishments offer two versions of roulette — for money and free, for virtual credits. To test the chosen strategy, it is better to use the demo mode and, only after you are convinced of its effectiveness, move on to a Bitcoin game.

When choosing a gambling club for playing Bitcoin roulette, you should pay attention to how many options for this game are offered to users. After the choice is made, it is crucial to study the rules carefully. The most profitable option for a beginner will be the French type of online roulette, in which equal bets return half the costs when a green cell appears. That is, if the player bets on black and red simultaneously, and “zero” falls out, then they receive 50% of these two bets. Find your strategy, put it into practice, and enjoy a meaningful and profitable game.


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