Ways to buy a van uk

Are you looking to buy a van for your business? Whether you are kickstarting a new business or are looking to upgrade your old van, we have all the top tips to make sure you make the right decision.

Every business is unique and not every van is going to suit your needs. Before you do anything you need to ask yourself what will the van be used for? If being environmentally friendly is a key business element, then a hybrid or electric van may be the way forward. If long journeys are going to be important, then paying the bit extra for a diesel to reduce your running costs might be a no brainer. Write a list of all the essentials to make sure the van you end up picking ticks every box.

Vans come in a huge range of shapes and sizes designed for every need and there is almost certainly one designed for exactly what you do. 

How do you buy a van in UK?

  • Financing a van
  • Buying a van privately
  • Leasing a van

Once you have decided which van to go for then you need to decide how to buy a van. There are three main options available to you, buying a van on finance, buying a van privately, or leasing a van.

Financing a van

Van finance is one of the most popular options for self-employed people as it allows you to break down the cost into affordable monthly instalments that can take the sting out of the initial cost. Financing a van through a broker like UK Car Finance is simple. All you do is apply online and they will match you up with the most suitable lender and get the finance sorted for you. They can also help find reputable vans from trustworthy dealerships.

Finance is subject to terms and conditions and not everyone will be approved. It is a myth that you must have excellent credit to get approved for finance, however your credit file will be looked at alongside your affordability. 

Buying a van privately

If buying a van on finance is not for you then going private can be a great option. You can find people selling vans on a huge range of website such as eBay, Gumtree, and Autotrader. The big advantage to buying a van privately is you can sometimes find a bargain that is not possible through a dealership. 

Going private is an especially good option if you know your stuff and have a good understanding of vans already. You want to be able to get on your hands and knees and give the van a good look over. Buying privately doesn’t tend to bring the same warranties and aren’t held to the same regulations as buying from a company, so make sure you’re really make the right choice before you hand over your money.

Leasing a van

Van leasing is an increasing popular option with many people wanting lower monthly payments without the need to own the asset at the end of the agreement. As you aren’t paying the premium to own the vehicle, you may be able to get a higher spec make and model than the other two options. If having a top of the range brand new van is important to your business, then this could be the most affordable option.

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