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Fedora Hats for men are back in trend. There is no lack of certainty that these hats are one of the most exclusive and upraised accessories to carry. They support raising your style quotient. But every piece of fashion has its timing and occasion. If you mismatch the outfit with the occasion, the same fashion composition may turn into a faux pas. Hence, it is utterly essential to know the tips to carry fashion outfits to maintain your upscale style all the time. 

When choosing to wear Men’s Fedora Hats, here are few rules to follow: 

1. Choosing the Appropriate Style:-

Men’s Fedora Hats come about in several distinct styles and clothing variants. During the summer season, a fedora hat made of Straw material is preferable. As it not only gives your outfit a chillier appearance but also protects your head from getting overheated. 

A Wool fedora hat works wonders in your winter looks. It appears perfect when worn over a long-coat or jacket.

Leather fedoras are famous for their bold look. These are most commonly seen being worn by big artists and celebrities coupled with jeans and t-shirts. If you are traveling, then leather fedora hats are a must to go for.

2. Find a Hat suitable for your face-

As Fedora hats come in different sizes, you have ample options to decide which one suits your face. You may try as many shapes of hats as you want. Since the hat is worn closest to your face, it is important to search for the best one that harmonizes with your natural proportions. You can visit Americanhatmakers.com to begin your search.

3. It must be in contrast with your Skin Tone-

Once the size and style are decided, now it is time to select the perfect color. Your hat color must match your skin tone and should not be contradicting it. You must go for dark colors like black, green, burgundy, grey, maroon, charcoal, and navy blue if you have light skin. 

If you have a brown complexion, you should choose bright colors like mustard, light grays, and shiny brown.

People with dark complexions may try any hat color but keep in mind that there has to be a slight contrast between your hat and skin color.

However, if you want a hat color that goes with every outfit you own, then buy the universally loved Black color without thinking much. This color goes elite with all your formal wear. Carried along with a black tie, it gives you a magnificent office look.

4. Hat Color must fit with your outfit-

After establishing a great connection between your hat color and skin tone, now it is time to harmonize it with your outfit as well. While carrying something containing blue or browns, a brown would be a safe bet. If you are wearing a grey outfit, a light gray hat is going to work wonders.

When wearing leather outfits, you must choose hat colors that are in slightly greater contrast. For example, with black leather jackets, select a gray hat and light brown leather coats try dark shaded brown hats.

It is important to match your hat color with your overall outfit in winters, not just your overcoat or jacket, but your gloves, scarfs, boots, and jeans must also be considered. 

5. Follow the Weather Conditions-

Your Fedora hat is not just restricted to the category of an accessory but also serves a direct purpose. Hence, it is necessary to choose the hat that covers you against the prevailing weather conditions. For example, on a sunny day, a hat with a brim will help you safeguard your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Hats can also function to protect you from rains and snow, though you must avoid them getting soaked. 

The best feature of fedora hats is that it helps maintain and regulate your body temperature very well. They keep your head hot or cool, depending on the weather requirements.

6. Hat Etiquettes to Keep in Mind-

A basic rule is that you should put your hat on only in Public places. It is strongly suggested to keep them off in your private places. Next is to take care of your hairs after putting your hat off, the Raphael and Kyle are the two most suggested hairstyles to dress below a Fedora hat. As with these, you would not have to face the embarrassment of taking out your comb, but just a quick touch-up will do the work.


Your hat is a perfect accessory to pick up when you want to raise the fashion temperature. It is proven that a hat sends subconscious signals of increased strength and power, which is why most military generals prefer wearing hats. And another good news is that it also makes you look Taller! So don’t wait, make sure to follow all the tips listed above, and you are good to go.


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