Guide To Use An Ice Cream Maker

You recently bought an ice cream maker and are looking forward to enjoying a bowl of homemade ice cream. However, there’s a problem, “How do you use an ice cream maker?”

First, you’ll need to freeze your freezer bowl. Next, prepare your ice cream base by mixing cold milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring ingredients. 

From here, place the mixing puddle into the freezing bowl. Next, turn on the machine and add your ice cream mixture. Churn for 15-20 minutes, then add mix-ins before serving.

In the rest of this article, we’ll delve deep into using an ice cream maker.

Let’s Make Some Ice Cream

Before you begin making your ice cream, some prep work is required.

  1. Freeze Your Mixing Canister

Freezing your bowl (up to 24 hrs prior) ensures it’s cold enough to begin churning your ice cream mixture immediately. In addition, the frozen bowl ensures that your ice cream mixture freezes quickly and evenly.

However, if your ice maker has a built-in compressor, you do not need to freeze the bowl. Instead, its automated freezing capabilities enable it to freeze the bowl during churning.

  1. Prepare Your Ice Cream Blend

You can use cold milk or cream, sugar, and flavoring ingredients like vanilla or chocolate chips. Combine all these ingredients in a large mixing bowl until it forms a smooth mix without any lumps.

Tasty tip 1: Use fresh ingredients such as full-fat organic milk. Also, use high-quality products such as fresh vanilla beans instead of artificial flavoring. The freshness ensures you get a tasty batch of ice cream.

Tasty tip 2: Chilling the custard before putting it in the maker yields the creamiest ice cream. 

Adding warm or room-temperature ingredients to your machine reduces its freezing capabilities. As a result, churning takes longer, and the ice cream becomes heavier. However, you get sloppy ice cream if it heats up too much.

Tasty tip 3: You can add the mix to a bowl and set it in a giant bowl full of ice cubes to cool it down faster.

Tasty tip 4: Adding alcohol corn syrup, honey, sugar, gelatin, and commercial stabilizers keeps ice cream at a softer consistency.

Tasty tip 5: Use ingredients with fat. Fat improves the churning process. In turn, this produces thick creamy ice cream.

  1. Give It a Swirl

Once you have prepared your ice cream base, pour it into the frozen bowl. Then, place the lid on your machine and turn it on. The churning process starts immediately, mixing all your ingredients to create a smooth and creamy consistency.

Your ice cream mixture can take 15 to 20 minutes to churn. So leave it alone and let the machine do its work. You might notice that the freezing bowl begins to thaw (this is normal).

Tasty tip 6: Adding ice cubes, salt, and sugar to your mix gets the mixture cold enough to freeze.

Ice maker brands, like the Kismile company, offer countertop ice makers with high production rates. As a result, your ice cream has a balance of quality and flavor when time limits you.

Moreover, some of their machines offer more than conventional cubes. Instead, they deliver chewable ice nuggets that enhance the ice cream churning process.

  1. Add Your Mix-Ins

Add any final mix-ins you might like after churning. Mix-ins might be cocoa powder, chocolate chips, crushed nuts, or fruit. Swirl these through your ice cream and then transfer them to a freezer-safe container to store.

Tasty tip 7: When the cooked custard has cooled, add flavorings or add-ins. If added when it’s hot, it deteriorates the flavors.

Tasty tip 8: Mixed-ins should be small in size so that the ice cream maker can incorporate them into the Ice cream.

Tasty tip 9: Check the number of mix-ins you use. Too much, and the ice cream will not churn.

Tasty tip 10: Chill your add-ins and only add them when the ice cream freezes. Chilling your additives beforehand reduces the maker’s time to stir them in.

Tasty tip 11: Ice cream stays softer in a shallow container than in a deep tub.

Tasty tip 12: Covering the ice cream surface with plastic wrap keeps crystals from forming.


An ice cream maker is an excellent tool in your kitchen arsenal. This versatile device is perfect for you if you want to create delicious frozen treats with proper care and maintenance.

So, with these tips in mind, get out there and start making some ice cream today.


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