Getting Ready for Halloween 2022

On October 31, it’s finally that time again – Halloween! Have you already made all the preparations? A spooky party doesn’t just include the right costume and Halloween makeup, but also delicious snacks for the party. Of course, a little decoration and girts should not be missing. Every year spiders, pumpkins, skeletons, and bats decorate our walls. For the scariest holiday of the year, we give you a little decoration and gift inspirations that will turn your home into a chamber of horrors.

Decoration inspiration for Halloween

First, let’s go through decoration ideas.

Witch hats

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For this decoration, you don’t need any crafting skills, just a few witch hats. Maybe you still have some lying around at home from last Halloween. You can attach them with a thread to your ceiling. Alternatively, you can also buy ready-made witch hats with string, which you only have to hang up.

Decorate mirrors with bats

Surely you have at least one mirror hanging in your apartment. Mirrors are perfect for decorating in a spooky and beautiful way. The easiest way to do this is with cardboard bats. There are many templates on the Internet that you can download and print out. If you’re good at drawing, you can draw the bats yourself and stick them to your mirror with double-sided tape.

The pumpkin vase

Whether for Halloween or just because – a homemade pumpkin vase is a real highlight on any autumn table. Simply put a small vase in the hollowed pumpkin, fill it with water, flowers and the eye-catcher is ready. Alternatively, you can swap flowers with fruits. Nowadays, you can get fruit bouquets in London in all sizes and shapes, perhaps even Halloween-themed ones.

Plants with skeletons

Even your houseplants can use a creepy upgrade. How about a skeleton bat? Just hang it in your flower pot and you’re done decorating. Online you can get a creepy set that includes artificial bat skeletons, rats, and spiders for your plants.

Paint stones

If you like to get creative, this decoration is perfect for you. Buy some flat stones and paint them with acrylic pens according to your preferences. This way, you can design boring stones with scary motifs. Whether ghost, pumpkin, eye or spider, the choice is yours. You can then use the painted stones as table decorations, for example.

Halloween Gifts

On Halloween day, it is customary to give candy to children. In addition to candy, give sweet muffins, cupcakes, and cookies decorated with symbols of the holiday – skulls, spiders, bats. If you can not buy such a gift, you can give children a bag of caramel or stretch candy.

The hostess of the holiday can be given decorative cosmetics in gloomy shades to create the image of a vampire, or cosmetics in bright colors, so she could create an image in her own way. A T-shirt with Jack’s lantern symbols will complete the created look.

A good gift will be handmade crafts. From small pumpkins you can make lanterns, if you do not have at hand a small pumpkin, the lantern can be made from paper or an ordinary jar, which is painted with acrylic paint. Inside the homemade lantern light a small candle.

As a gift, you can present a moth puppet or a rag voodoo doll. To make them, use matches, small sticks, and skeins of thread of different colors. The dolls are given the appearance of witches, but they are made to maintain a festive mood.

Gifts for a host

Hosts are given plates, mugs, and other small souvenirs decorated in a Halloween theme. In souvenir shops, they sell refrigerator magnets on the appropriate subject (spiders, cats, pumpkins, witches). Sticking a plastic black cat or spider on the entrance or interior door is a great idea. Also, you can find keychains or amulets in the form of a skull or skeleton.

Do not be afraid to buy themed decorating elements, they certainly can never be too much, in addition, the next year the owners will also be able to use them to decorate the house. Therefore, feel free to give a ceramic or plaster figurine of a black cat, a large set of plastic spiders, decorative cobwebs, some rubber bats, vinyl stickers in the form of mice or ghosts. You can also give your hosts a doorbell with an eerie laugh instead of a melody. They’re sure to appreciate an acrylic lantern in the form of a pumpkin, a makeup kit, a skull-shaped decanter, a holiday wreath on the door, a decorative witch’s broom, and bloody candles.

Now you know what to give as a Halloween gift and how to decorate your house. As you see there are a lot of ideas, and many of them are quite affordable, so everyone can find what suits them best.


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