Best Steak Cuts

For all the non-vegan folks out there, a steak is a heavenly dish. The taste and smell of a juicy steak off the grill is unlike anything. The quality of a steak relies on age, marbling and how it is cut. In fact, the entire BBQ revolves around the cut. Each steak cut boasts different qualities. 

A steak can not be good unless it’s cut with precision. This is why people visit butchers, online stores and supermarkets for finding the best meaty cuts. But how can you get your hands on the best steak if you lack the knowledge of steak cuts? Below are the best steak cuts you should definitely try

  1. Porterhouse

This specific steak is known as the king of steaks. This is because it contains two steaks in one piece. At one side, there is a huge filet mignon and on the other, you have a New York Strip. This is the thickest cut of steak and boasts more tenderloin instead of loin. Porterhouse is best when it is grilled. However, you can fry it in a pan, broil or sautèe it too. 

  1. T-Bone

The name of this steak refers to its shape of T-Bone. It looks similar to porterhouse but has a smaller part of filet mignon. This steak cuts close to the front and the tenderloin component is less too. Most people like it broiled or grilled at medium rare temperature. The meat closer to the bone cooks slowly as opposed to other parts of the steak. 

  1. Sirloin

Sirloin is derived from the cow’s tenderloin strip area which is a very muscular portion. This is why sirloin is usually tough. However, people love eating it even without the tenderness. Even though the fat content is low, sirloin steak offers rich flavors. 

When it comes to cooking, it is advised to serve it medium rare because this temperature boasts the best taste and tenderness. For preparing sirloin steak, brush it with olive oil and season it with your desired spices before grilling it. 

  1. Top sirloin

Top sirloin is a lean cut. It is different from the sirloin steak because it excludes bottom round muscles, tenderloin and bone. For the purpose of making it tender, people usually marinate it. Top sirloin steak can be cut in cubes and skewered with veggies. 

  1. Tri-tip

This steak is usually called Santa Maria steak. Tri-tip is mostly popular in Central Valley areas of California and the Central Coast. But it is surely very famous throughout the world too due to low fat percentage, intense flavor and comparatively affordable price. This steak is delicious due to superior marbling and it remains tender. Tri-tip should not be overcooked. It is best eaten after marinating and grilling. 

  1. Flank

This is a very popular beef cut. Flank offers many connective tissues which boosts the taste. However, these tissues make it less tender too. Flank is typically marinated and it is either grilled or boiled afterwards. Flank is always presented cut across the grain in thin slices. 

  1. New York Strip

No matter what steakhouse you go to, it will definitely offer this classic and staple steak cut. The New York Strip boasts a high amount of marbling, taste and tenderness. Most people eat it with the rare or blue cooking style. This displays the light flavor and the natural tenderness. 

It is known as the club steak internationally. However, the people of Canada and the US call it Kansas City strip steak, strip loin, New York Strip or shell steak. This steak is best for grilling. 

  1. Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is the most tender steak. Since there is no bone involved in the filet mignon, it does not boast that punch of flavor. However, you can serve it with bacon or cook it with spices and sauces. 

The French people call this steak ‘filet de boeuf’ which means beef filet. It is best to grill or broil filet mignon. However, it should be cooked faster in order to retain it’s taste. 

  1. Rib-Eye

This steak has always been loved by people all over the world. This is mainly because Rib-Eye boasts superior marbling which makes the beef extremely juicy and tender. This steak is a boneless cut. If the bone is attached to the steak, it is called rib steak. These steaks are cooked quickly through broiling or grilling. 

  1. Flat iron

This is an exquisite blade steak which is taken from the soft blade roast. Flat iron steak is known as butler’s steak and oyster blade steak in the UK, New Zealand and Australia respectively. This steak boasts a big amount of marbling and is hailed as one of the best steak cuts. It is best cooked by broiling or grilling. 

  1. Hangar 

This might not be the most tender steak on this list, but it fills this gap by offering high flavors. Hangar steak should be cooked quickly after marination on high heat either by broiling or grilling. It is presented medium rare to rare in order to prevent toughness. 

  1. Skirt 

The skirt steak is very similar to flank but only expert chefs will know the difference. This steak is derived from the cow’s diaphragm muscles. Skirt is a long and thin piece of meat which has clear muscle fibers throughout the steak. This steak has better taste than the flank. 

It gets even better with marination which means you can play around with spices and sauces. Some popular ingredients in marination are red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and orange juice. The best way to cook skirt steak is by searing or grilling. 

  1. Prime Rib

Many people get confused with the similar names of Rib-Eye and Prime Rib. These two steaks are derived from the cow’s rib portion. But the prime rib is a bigger steak. This steak includes large areas of rib bone. It packs more flavor than the Rib-Eye due to the excess fat, tissues and bones. 

Prime Rib should be cooked at a low temperature for a long time. This is a perfect steak if you want slow cooked meat. When it cooks, you can easily prepare the other side dishes. 

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