batch controller

Batching controllers are devices that measure the number of items processed when they flow through a line. The items can be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. However, solid items are easy to count or measure as compared to liquids and gases. As factories and industries produce a high number of products processing a large number of raw materials, they need a system that can monitor the number of materials processed per unit of time.

Batch controllers can help production units to measure the number of materials processed per unit of time. Once the batch controller has received the correct instructions, they can perform that job with little interaction. Batch control is particularly useful for performing repetitive tasks such as measuring the right amount of ingredients for food prescriptions or medications.


Modern digital batch controllers have a high success rate, and, unlike older timer controllers, they work very rarely. One such controller is MI-114 that comes with sufficient features to offer fast and precise results every time you use it. Here are all the features of the MI – 114 batching controllers you need to know in this post.

The packaged solution is available with I / O functionality optimized for single-scale applications or tailored to meet your application’s specific requirements. The driver allows easy installation for ready-to-use functionality. Let us explore all the features of the MI 114 batching controller in this post.

Power supply

The MI -114 batching controller runs on 220 V, 0.5 A, AC supply which is the standard power supply rating in most domestic and commercial settings. As mentioned in the manual specifications, users can run it on 100 V to 230 V, 50/60 Hz AC supply. It means users don’t need any special arrangements for power supply.

Keyboard and Display

The MI 114 batching controller comes with a 5 button soft-touch keyboard. The presence of soft-touch buttons makes it highly convenient to use. The display in MI – 114 comes with a single row 7 bit LED display that has a character height of 0.5 inches and 11 status indicator lamps that make it easy to read the results and take readings.


The weight and dimensions of the device are also important that helps users to decide where they can use the controller. The housing is 150 mm wide and 76 mm high, while the panel is 172 mm wide and 93 mm high. The depth of the housing is 85mm, and the thickness of the panel is 3 mm. The product is lightweight and small, which makes it easy to install and use anywhere where the required power supply is available.  

Scoreboard, Communication and Printer interface

The scoreboard interface adapts to the serial sending signal by a 20 mA current loop. The communication interface works on serial communication RS232C/RS422/RS485 and baud rate 600-9600. The printer interface is available, and users can connect it with a serial printer. You only need to connect the printer if you want the results in a printed form.


The MI 114 batching controller is used in factories and industries as an electronic batching scale and catch weigher. It means users can get the results for a number of items passing through the line within a given time and also weigh them at the same time. The product can be used for monitoring solids, liquids, and gaseous products.


As MI 114 is a high precision batch controller device and indicator, it comes with 3 relay outputs. An RS232 output and 4-20 mA / 0 – 10V analog output. MI114 has 3 relay outputs, and users can connect the high-speed panel indicator to maximum 16 load cells of 700 ohms or 8 load cells of 350 ohms. So, users have the choice to use the load cells in two ways. However, users with a lack of technical knowledge should get the controller pre-installed with load cells from the manufacturer company.

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Final Words

These were the primary features of the MI 114 batching controller. Even in the most demanding applications, the MI-114batch uses predictive and adaptive control algorithms to achieve excellent precision. It combines advanced metering control technology with the powerful functionality of the MI-114 terminal.

Designed for the food, specialty chemicals, plastics, glass, and aggregates markets, the MI-114 batch controller acts as a single terminal for single, multi scale, and flow meter applications. You can use it to monitor the number of products processed in a time period in your day-to-day operations. Now, as you know about this batch controller device, you can plan to buy it for your business or help others to buy one for their business.


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