Tube Man

There are established firms that provide 18 feet air-powered outdoor dancer tube/guy or the inflatable tube man on rent. They rent these things for $74.99. They can send the dancer bodies within a short time unless you select any upgrade. The puppet’s front and back entail the same design. 

  • You can select the one with blower or the tube man with no blower. You can optimize your business outside your open hour by using tube dancers and feather flags around the property.
  • These outdoor flags/signs can instantly draw the public’s attention, locking their eyes to your store. Inflatable tube man creates fast impression on your potential customers. 
  • The companies renting these inflatable tubes provide yellow and red sky dancer puppet. 
  • They print the ‘now renting’ text in yellow, placing it on the dancer’s red body. The text has a black outline/shadow on the top, helping it to pop out. 
  • Red and yellow are the main colors. The poly-flexible stretch is extremely durable. They make it for one HP air tube and blower. 

About the product

Durable and sturdy, an inflatable tube man with blower is one of the best methods and products to display your adverts in a more compelling and alluring way. The inflatable tube man rentals are incredible tools for promoting all types of products. They are visually very appealing. 

  • There are dedicated sites providing these eco-friendly rentals. They are awesome in displaying ads.
  •  You can also use them for different and distinct types of entertainment products that you install in parks. You can buy these things from leading wholesalers and suppliers on the site. 
  • Most of the inflatable sets comprise tarpaulin and PVC. These things make it long-lasting and fatigue-resistant. They can withstand regular outdoor usages. 
  • They print the inflatable tube man rental in silk printing, digital printing, and even manual (hand) printing. 
  • They also have anti-leakage properties and are fully waterproof. They prevent dust from developing on the surface. 

You can find these catchy ads or beautiful promotional tools in different sizes and shapes. Do note that the material quality depends on your individual requirements. 

  • The companies provide trendy tube man rentals in a wide range of characters, designs, and shapes. 
  • You can use them for displaying ads on car washes, mobiles, or any other products.
  • You can select the inflatable tube man in the form of cartoon characters, footballs, televisions, and many more. 

Air dancer variations and packages

There are 6 feet tall inflatable tube guy ready for party. Its embroidery is the best way to attract others to your party or event. The main set comes with a wacky yellow or blue waving inflatable tube man with blower (1/4HP-9 inch). 

The tube man’s height is ideal for any party or occasion. You can even use it indoors. Regarding the main specifications, its material is high-durability polyamide nylon silk with extra tarpaulin. The bottom material is 600D nylon or PVC. They are also compatible with standard 9 inches Velcro mount blowers.

You cannot use them during rains. They also have small blower specifications. 


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