thc-o capsules

THC-O capsules contain a potent form of THC derived from delta-8 or delta-9 THC. The extracts in these capsules come from hemp, so you can avoid the federal restrictions on synthetic THC. But you want to be sure to choose a trusted manufacturer, such as Premium Jane for THC-O capsules.

Different Ways to Take THC-O Capsules

THC-O capsules have quickly become famous because they are easy to take and offer multiple intake options. The intake method impacts your experience, so you may have to find the right way through hit and trial.

Let’s see some of the popular ways to take THC-O capsules.

Swallowing the Capsules

The most common way to take THC-O capsules is to swallow them with water, just like any other pill. This method takes longer for the capsules to work, but the effects last longer than other methods, such as vaping. These capsules mostly have gel inside, which makes them easy to ingest. 

The THC-O capsules are the most popular choice for many people because they are easy to store and take.

Taking with Food

THC-O capsules may cause nausea and stomach upset for some users, so it is best to take them with food if you feel such symptoms. This will also help the THC-O to be absorbed more slowly, so the effects will come on more slowly. Again, you’ll have to experiment here because taking capsules with food does not affect you as strongly as direct ingestion would.


Although it’s not recommended, you can also vaporize the contents of the capsule. However, many other forms of vaporization are much more impactful than vaporizing the gel inside the capsules. It’s also the most tedious one, as you would have to open the capsules and vaporize them.

Finding the Right Dose of THC-O Capsules

It’s important to find the right dosage of THC-O capsules to avoid any unwanted effects, especially if you’re trying it for the first time. According to NIDA, 5 mg of THC is a standard unit for research purposes, but that does not make this amount the recommended dose.

We understand that you may want to find out the exact quantity for intake, but that’s not something you can get anywhere. That’s because only you can determine the proper dosage, as long as you don’t go overboard.

 In our experience, the best-dosing capsules for most people is 25mg, which you can find from quality manufacturers such as Premium Jane’s packing of 750mg THC-O Capsules, which you can get here:

There are some tips you can use to find out the best dosage for a potent and safe experience.

Start with a Low Dose

THC-O is much stronger compared to regular THC. That means you may need to start with a low dose. Once you get a hold of it, you can gradually increase the dose. Starting with 5 to 10 mg is usually the best when you’re experimenting. Wait for at least two hours to see how the dose impacts you before going for a hard intake.

Monitor Your Dosage

It is important to monitor your dosage and how you feel after taking THC-O capsules. You can write down the dosage to help you remember which dosage gave you the best results.

Cautions When Taking THC-O Capsules

Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery: THC-O can cause impairment, so it is important to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence.

Store in a cool, dry place: THC-O capsules should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain their potency and effectiveness.

Drinking water: THC-O can dehydrate, so it is important to drink plenty of water before and after taking the capsules.

Be patient: THC-O can take longer to take effect than regular THC. That means you’ll need to be patient and wait for the effects to kick in. For some people, it may take up to two or even three hours to feel the full effects, but that also depends on the dose.

Final Thoughts

Taking THC-O capsules responsibly and finding the right dosage are important. Start with a low dose, take it with food and water, and monitor your dosage and how you feel after taking the capsules. These capsules are safe for most people, so you can consume them without worrying about the side effects. Still, if the capsules make you feel bad, you should stop taking them and talk to a doctor.


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