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The biggest statue of Elon Musk made by a Crypto firm was grabbing much attention from investors in this industry. But, this project failed to attract the attention of the intended figure, Elon Musk. The firm built this statue intending to attract Musk’s attention towards them. But, did it work in reality?

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Despite its huge investment and untiring efforts to attract Musk’s attention, the project failed. This bizarre move was pretty hard on the part of EGTPRO, the firm that built this statue. But, all its investments seem to be in vain! Let’s see what happens in this blog! 

More On Elon’s Statue 

The Cryptocurrency firm spent over 600,000 USD to create a 30-foot-long statue of Musk over a rocket. But, the entrepreneurs failed to attract his attention after gifting this monument. If this monument could attract the millionaire’s attention, then their GOAT token would become pretty successful. 

They thought that it would be a good and innovative step to build this statue and gift this to Elon. The developers Ashley Sansalone and other enthusiasts like Richie Latimer and Alec Wolvert were together in this project. Their focus was to avail Musk’s attention and it will help in boosting their latest token. 

Elon’s head in this statue is designed by Kevin Stone in Canada. And, according to certain interviews, it took around 6 months to bring everything together! And, the remaining parts of this monument were compiled in Arizona.

Why Was The Statue Built? 

Elon Musk is quite often seen to show interest in the happenings of the Cryptocurrency market. Due to this, he has a huge fan base from the Cryptocurrency community as well. With this, the firm raised funds from the entire community to build this expensive statue. 

The owners of this token, Elon Goat reflects the huge amount of admiration they have for this billionaire. This is their inspiration for building the monument. After completion of the statue, they delivered it to the headquarters of Tesla. They had high hope that Elon would accept the gift. 

The co-founder of this token, Alec Wolvert says that after delivering it to the headquarters, they were planning to camp the opposite of the office. This way, they would have an eye on the movement of the gift. And, they would know if Elon accepted the statue. 

The foremost idea of building this statue came through a mere joke. But, in the end, it had become a reality. 

Views of The Co-founder On This Step

The Elon GOAT statue is not given the amount of attraction it was desiring. Even after hours of delivering the statue outside the headquarters, there was no response. Also, the co-founders did not get any indication of whether Musk knew about the sculpture or not! 

The security officer of the headquarters informed them that they could not accept this statue and take it inside the building. But, could accept the monument if Musk himself will give the indication. 

But, Musk did not give any sign yet to accept the statue of that, he has any idea about it. Also, Tesla did not respond to the comments made by the firm. This comment was about the statue, which was trending on Twitter. But, they did not receive any response from Tesla or Musk yet. 

With this, the idea of the co-founders to get their token viral went in vain! They thought that Musk would be quite happy with the monument and tweet about it. With this, Elon GOAT would be a highly successful and trending coin. Despite these plans, Elon GOAT still does not have any significance before the billionaire. 


This statue was grabbing a huge portion of the news and it was viral on Twitter. The founders of Token thought it to be a revolutionary and daring move. And that, Elon would be quite impressed with the monument and tweet about it. After which, their coin would go viral and become a successful one! But, it is not becoming a reality any time soon! 

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