Composite Decking alternative to Wood Decking?

Composite decking is a great low maintenance alternative to wood decking. If the thought of treating wood decking every year fills you with dread, you have probably started to look at your different options. Composite decking is the ideal modern solution for your outdoor surfaces. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about composite decking. In this article:

  • How is Composite Decking Made?
  • Wood vs Composite Decking
  • How to Choose Composite Decking for Your Next Project

Can I Match Composite Decking to Other Garden Features?How is Composite Decking Made?


Composite decking features a unique construction of recycled materials. It’s a man-made product that uses a combination of wood fibre, plastic, and bonding agents. The mixture is heated and made into board lengths, and then cooled. The result is that you have the look of traditional wood decking without the maintenance of solid wood. It has a much more authentic finish than plastic decking alternatives.

As composite decking uses recycled materials, it’s an environmentally friendly option to upgrade your outdoor area. Composite decking uses innovative technology and recycled materials to create an ultra long-life product with excellent durability and resistance. The decking is resistant to weather, moisture, and fading. It’s these properties that combine to create a very low maintenance alternative to solid wood decking. 

Wood vs Composite Decking

Two of the most common options for decking are wood and wood composite. As the name suggests, wood decking is made entirely from wood. You can find wood decking that uses a variety of species like cedar and pine.

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Many homeowners opt for wood decking because of the aesthetic, and it’s readily available. One of the main problems with wood decking is that it can splinter, rot, and requires much more maintenance. Composite decking is much easier to maintain. The main reason that composite decking is growing in popularity is that innovation in technology and manufacturing means that composite really emulates the natural finish of wood decking without the hassle and maintenance.

Benefits of composite decking include:

  1. It closely resembles solid wood decking
  2. Features a moisture-resistant core
  3. It only requires sweeping and washing to maintain
  4. Not prone to insect damage
  5. All Weather Proof – withstands cold and warm temperatures
  6. Stain and scratch resistant
  7. Non-slip surface for optimal safety
  8. Eco-friendly
  9. Low Maintenace
  10. Cost Effective 

How to Choose Composite Decking for Your Next Project


When you’re shopping for composite decking, you have a few options to consider. Using composite for decking is a cost-effective outdoor surface solution that you can enjoy throughout the year. Also, there are zero maintenance costs going forward. You don’t need to invest in treating the decking. It will last for years to come with very low maintenance. Although composite decking can be slightly more expensive than traditional wood decking, it is overall much more cost effective in the long run and is a good investment. Modern technology has created composite decking that closely replicates natural wood planks, has a very sleek aesthetic and will not discolour or rot over time.

Composite decking solutions can be very simple straightforward projects or more bespoke depending on the look, quantity and shape of your outdoor space. If you intend to opt for quite a large scale deck, it is advisable to reach out to a qualified joiner or landscaper who can advise on the suitability of your proposed design and recommend the best solution and quantity to purchase. Similarly, with a more complex installation using an experienced fitter would be advisable.

You have a range of colour and design options to consider. Choose from modern and neutral colours that upgrade your outdoor space and will not fade over time or darker, bolder toned options for a statement look. Composite decking is easy to install and requires simple assembly without any specialist installation.

The Ultrashield Naturale Range 

The Ultrashield Naturale Range features various board lengths, shades, and colours to upgrade your outdoor surface. The ultra-durable and non-slip wood plastic components slot seamlessly together to create a smooth and safe result. The decking can withstand all weather conditions and moisture and comes with a 25-year guarantee.


Can I Match Composite Decking to Other Garden Features?

The great thing about most composite decking ranges is that you can use matching features such as composite fencing, sheds, panelling, cladding and seating. You can opt for the same wood effect shade or use contrasting colours to create your own design or to separate zones of the garden. The Ultrashield Naturale collection is available in matching fence posts and other components to create a uniform look across your outdoor space.


If you love the look of wood decking but don’t want the hassle of treating and maintaining it, composite decking is a fantastic alternative. Create a natural and authentic look without having to worry about maintenance, splintering, or fading.


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