Are you wondering how to chose the correct gym flooring material for your Gym Space? If yes then below words are going to give you 99% idea for that. before starting let’s first give you idea about:

Sprung at Gym-Flooring is the leading UK and Ireland Fitness Floor supplier who specialises in premium products with unique and versatile designs for Gyms, Sports Centres, Community Centres, Schools and Home Fitness spaces.

With personal and Home Fitness on the rise, they increasingly supply to a number of home-based clients who have incorporated a Gym space in their Garage, Spare Room or Basement.  Although smaller in scale, a recent case study demonstrates the positive impact a well-chosen product can make on a Home or Garage Gym design.

Functional Training Space At Home

A keen fitness trainer from Milton Keynes required a generous space to carry out functional training, Crossfit and free weight activities in his Garage.  As the existing floor was concrete, the client wished to protect the surface from damage from weights and heavy gym equipment. It was also important that the gym flooring he selected provided some sound-proofing against heavyweights and the noise of equipment.  Our customer was looking for an easy-fit solution which he could install by himself and that the flooring would be compliant with the temperature shifts each season within a garage setting. Due to the equipment and specific activities, the tiles needed to offer good shock absorption and a safe non-slip surface.

Best Solution

The best solution for these activites was the 30mm Sprung HD tiles (Standard Range) as they are the thickest tile option below the Antishock range which are for heavy and Olympic weights and begin at 40mm upwards. 30mm is a popular option for medium to high impact activity as well as general fitness withstanding up to 200kg weights. With fantastic sound-reducing properties, compatible with underfloor heating and has matching ramp/corner sections, Sprung 30mm ticked all the boxes.

Simple Installation

The installer followed the Installation Guide provided to fit the tiles using the compression method with no adhesive.  A major benefit of the Sprung tiles is that they can be loose laid.  The tiles uniformly butt together and due to their weight they remain in position. Some clients decide on using a little bit of adhesive for increased permanence but it is not a requirement. Sprung HD Standard tiles can easily be cut to size using a utility knife. A user-friendly Installation guide is provided with all tiles.  For added stability and in some locations where there is heavy movement and high usage, some client’s choose the Konnecta range which link the tiles together with small hidden plastic inserts.

Maximum Shock Absorption & Safety

The Sprung Standard range of rubber tiles offer optimal shock absorption and density to protect from injury.  Ranging from 11mm to 60mm, the level of shock absorption increases with the tile thickness therefore it is important to choose the correct type according to your activity.  The anti-slip surface further prevents from slips and falls when working out and using heavy equipment while protecting the Garage floor.


Sprung’ rubber tiles are metal-free, environmentally and user friendly.  Due to the use of recycling and rebuilt production (made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials) there is no cross-contamination of metals, stone or plastic.  Using advanced technology, we have defined a quality rubber which is a 100% flat and anti-porous.  This means softer surface contact and no bad smells.

Easy Maintenance

Rubber mats are well known for their longetivty and stain/fade resistance.  Sprung HD tiles are odourless and simple to keep clean and sanitised.  Using a damp mop and PH Neutral cleaner gently cleans the tiles without the need for harsh chemicals or specialist cleaning or regular upkeep.  Our client wanted something that allowed for easy maintenance and would withstand the changing seasonal temperatures.


Sprung HD tiles are made to last the test of time. Constructed using 92% SBR rubber, the heavy duty composition allows for a weight drop of up to 200kg which suited our client’s weight impact activities.


With regards to the finished look and feel of the tiles, the customer commented on the durability and resilience of the flooring.

“they are coping well with the changing temperature of the garage, really robust and good quality. Completes the functional fitness look I wanted from the space and they have not moved” Client Quote


Creating a space for fitness is not difficult but making the correct choice of floor is key to reaping the benefits of a well executed Garage Gym design.  By opening up a previously disused area and having a designated fitness space and a place for carefully arranged storage means less “dusty corners” and a greater quality use of your time when enjoying your chosen activities.  Although an ecommerce business, Sprung at Gym Flooring offers a superb advisory service to aid users who are unsure of what they want or what they need.

For some advice on suitable flooring for your Garage Gym, drop our team an email –


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