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Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one is not an easy task. You want to pick something that they’ll not only like, but it also won’t end up abandoned in a cupboard. If you’re stuck for ideas, a wine gift box or basket is a safe choice that you can always rely on. After all, who doesn’t love a bottle of wine paired with some artisan snacks to go with it?

If you’re after a wine gift that will impress your friends or family, then look no further. We have compiled some of the best wine gift boxes to suit the taste of every wine lover. 

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée and 2 Glasses Gift Box

A beautifully presented bottle of Britain’s most famous sparkling wines complete with a set of elegant wine glasses, is guaranteed to take the fancy of every wine lover out there. Surpassing many wines from the famous French region of Champagne in quality, this sparkler offers a delicate balance of zesty citrus, orchard fruit and toasted biscuits. 

Whether you’re buying this for an anniversary, birthday or just because, whoever is the recipient of this gift box will be delighted not only with the excellent bottle of wine but also the stunning wine glasses that will come in handy even after that bottle of cuvée is long empty. At an affordable price as well, this is certainly a great wine gift for someone special in your life. 

Champagne Gift Basket

Champagne is certainly one of the best types of wine to give as a gift, especially when it comes elegantly wrapped in the form of a wine gift basket together with a fine selection of chocolates, chocolate covered oranges, mixed nuts and much more. 

There are many different types of champagne gift baskets that you can choose from that can include champagne from different renowned wine makers and a variety of gourmet snacks to offer a complete wine tasting experience at home. From celebrating a new job to saying congratulations for any occasion, those wine gift baskets are the perfect way to make an impression with your choice of present.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Sélection Gift Box

This wine gift box is specifically for all the red wine lovers out there. Featuring not one, not two but three full-bodied artisan Châteauneuf reds, packaged neatly in a wooden crate, there simply isn’t a better gift for someone who appreciates a good red wine. 

Bursting with aromas of black cherry, liquorice, pepper and brambly fruit, this selection of dense red wines is particularly warming in winter. The spice-accented dark berry flavours really add texture to the wine and offer an exquisite drinking experience, leaving a long gently chewy finish with notes of flowers and spice. 

A Châteauneuf wine selection gift box is a great Christmas or anniversary present to be enjoyed together with your loved ones or have an improvised wine tasting session at home. 

Napa Valley Cabernet and Chocolate Basket

Napa Valley is quite well-renowned for its fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon. Napa Valley Cabernet cabernet offers distinct aromas of cherry, leather, pepper and oak, with a full-bodied elevated palate and balanced fruit flavours. A gift basket with a bottle of vintage Cabernet and delicious gourmet chocolate truffles, is an amazing gift option for an anniversary, Christmas, graduation or any other occasion. 

Rosé Gift Crate

Pink is a colour that is associated with playfulness and youth, for this reason rosé is often a prime choice when it comes to wine gifts for any joyous occasion. A rosé gift crate paired with savoury garlic cheese and sugary temptations, such as lemon cookies, is a beautiful gift of choice for a birthday, graduation or celebration of any kind. 

The sweet and floral nature of rosé makes it a top choice for people who aren’t necessarily wine lovers but enjoy a glass or two occasionally. With notes that include fresh peaches and wild fruit to compliment the cheese and biscuits, this gift crate is certainly an exquisite choice. 

Pinot Noir Duo Gift Box

A pair of Pinot Noir as exquisite as this one is sure to make a lasting impression when presented to a friend or a loved one. In the sophisticated wooden box that this carefully-selected red wine duo arrives in you will find a bottle of  2015 Grand Vin Pinot Noir from Clayvin Vineyard and a bottle of 2017 Chorey-Lès-Beaune from Maison Jaffelin. 

Both of these are fine examples of Pinot at its prime. With superb flavour notes of red berries, velvety smooth character, hints of herbs and spices and a brilliant red colour, this red wine gift set certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

New World Icons Gift Box

If you have a loved one that is particularly keen on new world wine appellations, then this luxurious gift box of signature New World wines will be the perfect gift for them. When you open the wooden box you’ll find three bottles of exemplary reds from South Africa, Argentina and Australia. 

The wines included in this box are a Vineyard Selection Malbec, Carlyle Shiraz and a sophisticated Pinot Noir. While different in flavour profiles, texture and notes all three of these wines are a great representation of the new world regions. Pair them with a deluxe cheese crate and a selection of crackers and you have a perfect recipe for not only a fantastic gift but also a cultured night of wine and cheese tasting. 

Deluxe Cheese and Wine Gift Basket

The timeless food pairing of wine and cheese is a present that would delight the majority of wine lovers out there. A wine gift basket with a selection of cheeses including blue cheese, sharp cheddar and gouda, as well as dried fruits and nuts and a bottle of fine wine, is a nice way of saying congratulations or showing appreciation for a friend or family member. 

Red Wine Gift Basket with Snacks

A deluxe red wine gift basket with delicious snacks, presents a fantastic choice for anyone who appreciates good wine and food. The variety of chocolates, camembert cheese, olives, crackers and nuts combined with a beautiful bottle of red is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion and experience a combination of different tastes and textures together. 

Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs Limited Edition Box

Whenever you need a reliable option to fall back on, a sophisticatedly presented bottle of Blanc de Blancs is a fantastic choice to consider. You can rarely go wrong with this signature champagne when it comes to celebrating a special occasion. 

The pale gold colour and fine sparkling bead simply scream sophistication. The delicate blend of floral and citrus aromas followed by subtle notes of vanilla and toast, deliver on the flavour side as well. 

Packaged in a signature limited edition box, a bottle of this Blanc de Blanc will be a pleasure to unwrap for every wine enthusiast. 


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