Rolling Tray sets

Looking for gift ideas for him and her sets this year? Then head over to the online head shopfront called King Palm. They have got best rolling try sets for him and her both. Well let’s explore more below:

The online store has a variety of rolling tray sets, for him and her, found in accessories on the King Palm website. The rolling trays are top quality yet affordable prices, ranging from $5-$35. A Rolling tray is an essential cannabis smoking accessory, they are big enough to hold your wraps, lighter, and grinder, allowing you a place to hold your accessories for effective blunt making. Most of the trays for sale are made with metal. They are lightweight and sturdy. They come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. Small trays are $5 and 7×5.5in. in length. The medium size are $10 and 10.5×6.5in. in length. 

The large size trays are $15 and13.5x11in. in length. Glass trays are shatter resistant and meant to last a lifetime. There are many different designs to choose from, for both him and her. Some of the designs included; snow camo, sunset LA skyline, and Miami vice. They also sell glow LED trays that change colors, comes with a remote that controls 16 color changes to fit the desirable mood for the smoke session. The glow LED tray also makes rolling easy in dark or dim lighted places. Those go for $35 each on the site. They also have an array of naturally made leaf blunt cones for sale that burn slow, and are perfect to smoke weed with. 

Pre-rolls and Filters

King Palm has many affordable smoking products and accessories on their website for sale. Many of the items for sale are industry firsts. If you don’t want to roll your own, King Palm is the answer.Pre-rolled so all you have to do is stuff it and go. They sell affordable, slow burning natural pre-rolls, on sale for 5 for $10, and other various flavored pre-rolls. The pre-rolled blunts come in 7 different sizes. Rollie holds 0.5 gram and burns for 10 minutes, Mini holds 1.0 gram, Slim holds 1.5 grams, King holds 2.0 grams and burns for 35 minutes, and XL holds 3.0 grams, XXL holds 3.5 grams, and XXXL holds 4.0 grams. Also, available on the site, are top-rated, all-natural corn husk filters, which sale for 100 for $30. They provide a thoroughly filtered smoke, and make any joint or blunt more enjoyable. Terpene infused tips that enhance the experience with flavor, which sale for 100 for $20. The flavors available are Banana Cream, Magic Mint, Berry Terps, and Mango OG. These products come in resealable packaging to help keep them stay fresh. 

High-Quality Accessories

Aside from their metal and glass shatter-resistant rolling trays available. There are high-quality made accessories such as, aluminum non-stick herb grinders for sale for $30. The grinders are are lightweight and compact enough for transport. Their ash trays are made with aircraft grade aluminum material that is very durable and long-lasting. The ash trays are on sale for $20. King Palm also has a turbo torch lighter that is really cool. Its childproof with a safety lock and also, lightweight, cordless, and easy to refill. The torch lighters are on sale for $50 each. King Palm sales Boveda humidity pack holders made with brushed aluminum metal that help keep your wraps and pre-rolls fresh up to a year after opening the package. They go for sale for $15. Also sold for humidity control on the website, there is an airtight container and a digital humidity meter sold together for $10 to help monitor your products humidity. 

Their Story

King Palm got their name and drew inspiration from a Mayan civilization’s usage of palm leaves for smoking hand rolled cigars back in the 10th century. After perfecting their designs, King Palm introduced their all-natural leaf wraps to the market in 2016, for a cleaner smoking alternative to tobacco, which has a history with causing cancer. They aspire to sale all things natural, hand-made leaf wraps for a high quality smoking experience for their customers that is safe and nontoxic. The Cordia palm leaves used by King Palm are high-grade, grown from organic farms in southeast Asia. The palm leaves are super-slow burning, giving more time to enjoy a smoke session, they are rolled to last! All of their rolls have zero additives, and no tobacco or glue, providing a cleaner smoke for the consumer. The burn is smooth and clean, perfect all the way through. No one can go wrong when adding King Palm on the list of go-to places for purchasing high-end smoking products and durable accessories online. 

Buy King Palm

Overall, when purchasing from King Palm, know that its made with all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives in them and free of harmful chemicals are used. Their accessories, such as rolling trays, are made with high-quality materials that allow its to be durable and long-lasting. The fact that the prices are affordable with the high-quality materials used is an added bonus. No one  sees much of those practices elsewhere. One of the best blunts or wrap alternatives found out there. As a palm pioneer in the modern world, King Palm has provided a tobacco-free alternative to the smoking industry which is now a largely growing market due to the healthy lifestyle trends across the world today. During the 20th century, traditional blunts and cigars were big on the market, containing tobacco and other harmful chemicals that cause cancer and are highly addictive. Thankfully companies such as King Palm saw that something new and natural needed to be on the market in place of tobacco. Many customers agree, that King Palms cordia leaf wrap alternative is the way to go for a cleaner, more safe smoking experience. Their wraps, pre-rolls, filters, and other products are fully biodegradable which makes it environmentally friendly. King Palm kindly offers free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. You can also purchase their products through Amazon or at your local 7eleven locations. 


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